Apartment Noise Complaint Letter to Landlord

Peace in life is a very important element to lead a happy life. We always chose a place for a family where adequate facilities are available keeping the financial aspect in mind. But when we talk about the facilities, a factor of a healthy environment cannot be neglected.

A healthy environment means a dust-free and noises free lush green surrounding where one’s family can live peacefully without any disturbance. Disturbance can cause frustration in family life. It is very difficult for anyone to change the place on every minor disturbance; therefore, it is necessary to take remedial actions against disturbance. If our neighbors cause any disturbance then we should directly talk to them. If still matter does not solve then we should write a complaint letter to our landlord.


I [name] am the tenant in apartment no [number] in your apartment building located on [address]. The family living in apartment number [number] is extremely noisy and ever since they have shifted in this apartment, there is no peace at day or night. Their children drag the furniture across the floor and play what feels like football in the lounge. Even when they go up to their floor using the stairs, they make so much noise that sleeping babies wake up and start crying. They slam doors in the middle of the night and generally make too much racket.

My mother is a patient with hypertension and vertigo and she has trouble falling asleep. With this racket going on, she stays up all night and it is affecting her health. My children have to go to school in the morning and due to disturbed sleep, they have trouble getting up in the morning. This noise is disturbing our daily life and we really are getting very irritable and annoyed due to lack of sleep.

Please look into this matter and tell them that there are some rules of community living, which must be followed by everyone to ensure harmoniously and conflict-free living. Looking forward to your immediate attention and positive response.


I am the tenant in apartment number [number] in your apartment building on [address]. The apartment above me apartment number [number] was recently rented by a group of musicians. They start practicing late at night and the sound of their instruments especially the drums disturbs the entire neighborhood. We have talked to them about lowering the volume somehow but to no avail.

There are little babies and elderly people in the building, this disturbance in their sleep is affecting them the most. As you know that sleep is very important for growing babies and the lack of sleep affects elderly people’s health adversely. Also, the students have to wake up early in the morning and their nighttime sleep is very important. Adults have to go to work. Students studying for their exams need peace and quiet at night. This racket is disturbing everyone.

You must intervene or this issue will lead to a lot of ill will and unrest. As already, arguments are breaking out and the community is getting disturbed. Please talk to these tenants and resolve this issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Looking forward to swift action and a positive response from your side.


Jack De Anderson
South State Apartments
Block 21B, Diamond Avenue New York.


Mr. James Hill Moore
The Owner
South State Apartments
23 St, Golden Pearl Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are fine and enjoying your health. I am writing for a minor complaint about my adjacent apartment. I am performing duty in a night shift and my children also go to college in a second shift that is evening until night, therefore, I use to fulfill my sleep in the morning while my children also study at the same time.

However, the repair work in my adjacent apartment is the cause of great disturbance for me and for my children. I tried to request my neighbor for changing the routine of repair work but he has his own constraints. It is not possible for me to change my job and the college of my children for stipulated disturbance. But I can request you to talk to my neighbor about changing his repair work schedule. It is against the neighbor’s right to disturb them during their sleep timing or study timing with excessive noise.

Therefore, you are the only person who can do me the favor as a landlord and I hope you will take remedial actions against this disturbance.

Waiting for your kind response.

Yours truly,

Jack De Anderson


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