Encouragement Letter to an Employee to Increase Sales

An employer is enough fortunate if he finds good employees since one having passionate and hardworking employees is most expected to leave his competitors behind. One finds such employees are his luck but one continues to reap from the efficiency of his workers is his strategies. Employees work but they want their work to be appreciated and recognized too. There also come times when they want to be encouraged and uplifted. An employer is not only supposed to give the order to his workers. He also has to encourage his employees time after time to reach certain goals and improve company’s progress. It is, therefore, important to write encouraging letters to employees time after time so that the goddess of good fortune keeps on favoring you. It’s a good employer’s strategy. Yeah!

This letter can be used to encourage an employee to increase sales.


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

Congratulations! I am very glad to say that [EMPLOYEES NAME] the [enter employee’s title] of the company, you’re doing very well. The sales of our company have increased by –%. We have already crossed our expected goal and for this, I really appreciate your effort but since you know in businesses, there’s an infinity when it comes to progress. I believe that we can further increase our sales as we are still left with a quarter of month. I encourage you to keep giving your best and increase the sales. Our next goal is to make sales of [enter amount] within this month.

I’m sure you can do this. Great job!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Encouragement Letter to an Employee to Increase Sales

Encouragement Letter to an Employee to Increase Sales

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