Letter Giving Advice to Subordinates to Resolve a Conflict or Issue

It is natural for conflicts to arise where people of different mindsets and ideas work together. In businesses, many times the employees do not have a consensus of ideas while they work together on a project etc. In such a situation it is the responsibility of seniors to advise their subordinates on how to resolve their mutual conflicts. Businesses require teamwork but a team working together is not enough. It should be made sure that the employees that are working together enjoy harmony with each other so that they may be able to give exceptionally good outputs since with tensed environment and mutual conflicts going on, employees cannot perform well in the workplace.  A letter of advice is written in order to give sincere and experienced advice to subordinates to resolve their conflicts.


 Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I am writing this letter to do regarding the conflict that is going on between you and Mr. [enter employee name] on the project of [enter project name]. Dear [enter recipient’s name], things do not work this way in businesses. There are many times when most of us have a different point of views about a certain matter. In the case of disagreements, the better approach is to solve the matter by mutual discussions. According to my knowledge, you did not have a single meeting with Mr. [enter employee name] after the conference room conflict on [enter project name]. If this will continue, how do you think the problem will be resolved? Both of you are seniors to many employees, eventually a role model for them so I want you to be good examples for them.

My humble advice to you is to kindly schedule a meeting with Mr. [enter employee name] and discuss this conflict with him to reach a point of consensus so that the work on the project could be started at the earliest. I hope you understand that our company wants its employees to be united and work in full harmony. Hope to see you both on one table. Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter giving advice to subordinates to resolve a conflict or issueLetter Giving Advice to Subordinates to Resolve a Conflict or Issue

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