Letter to Terminate an Employee for Violating Medical Standards

A good physical health is necessary in order to perform well in the workplace. This is the reason why business employers want to make sure that the employees they hire are physically fit to perform the day to day tasks and are not suffering from a disease that could affect their performance or cause harm to other employees. It is usually asked by the employee to confirm that they are physically fit and are not suffering from any serious disease. Later at some instance during the employment, if the medical report of an employee proves otherwise the employee can be terminated for violating the medical standards.


Dear [recipient’s name],

Like all businesses, we also want to make sure that the health conditions of our employees are up to those business standards that will allow them to perform their duties well. It is for this reason that we ask for medical statements from our employees at the beginning of an employment contract.

You submitted your medical statement declaring that you are physically fit for the job and fulfill the medical standards of our company. However, it is sad to discover through the recent medical report presented by the team of doctors who examined our employees that you are suffering from [enter suffering]. For this violation of medical standards, we have to terminate your employment with us. The termination will take effect from [enter date].

Despite this violation, we will not disclose the reason for termination but we will also not be referring to you to other employers using our name since you do not fulfill the medical standards required for business work. Please do not approach for the reference letter. However, an employment confirmation letter has been enclosed. Thank you!


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Terminate an Employee for Violating Medical StandardsLetter to Terminate an Employee for Violating Medical Standards

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