Letter to Terminate Employment Due to Workforce Reduction

How are employers able to pay to their employees? It is by generating revenues from their business. But since businesses don’t remain static, they keep moving to and fro between profit and loss, there come times when a business faces financial pressures and continuous loss and this bars the business employer to continue to pay to his employees since no profit or progress is being made. In such situations, in order to reduce the load, the workforce reduction is done. That is, some employees are terminated. Because in such cases, an employee is not terminated for any of his faults but due to the debacle a business is facing, it is necessary to apologize for the employee for this termination, grant him reference letter and employment confirmation letter so that he may find a better opportunity for himself.


Dear [recipient’s name],

I am sorry to inform you that your employment has been terminated with us. This is because we are reducing the workforce since the financial conditions of the business do not allow us to keep a large workforce. Also, because we have no projects at the moment, neither are we in a condition to start our own, we don’t have work to offer. Please note that this is not the case with you alone. We are keeping only a limited number of employees that we need and all other employees have been terminated.

Please accept an apology from [enter company] that you have to leave us this way. To help you find a better opportunity, we’ve enclosed an employment confirmation letter.

Wish you good luck for future endeavors.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Terminate Employment due to Workforce ReductionLetter to Terminate Employment Due to Workforce Reduction

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