Letter Inviting Potential Clients to New Store Opening

I [title] [name] from [department name] am writing to you on behalf of [company name]. The sanitary industry has grown very quickly in recent years. The local industry started production comparatively later than the foreign brands which led to the domination of foreign brands but the quality of our wares and the competitive prices have enabled us to claim and continually grow our market share. We are constantly improving and innovating our designs for maximum durability and pleasing aesthetics.

We are opening our flagship store in [address name]. You are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony on [date]. All the latest range of our sanitary wares would be on display. To celebrate our flagship store we are offering a flat 20% off on all our products.

Looking forward to seeing you on this momentous occasion,

Yours sincerely,

Letter Inviting Potential Clients to New Store Opening

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Dear Farmers

I [name] from the [organization] am writing to give you the happy news of our mega store of agricultural and farming equipment opening near you. Our company is one of the top suppliers of farming equipment and we stock everything from hand tools, power tools, water pumps, cleaning equipment, feeders, Hatchery supplies, and beekeeping equipment.

We have recently expanded into stocking tractors and excavators. Fork-lifts and telehandlers. Our full range would be available to you in our store. Earlier people from this area had to travel all the way to [city name] to get these supplies and the cost of transporting the products was also a big expense for the customers.

In our new store, we offer delivery service and after-sales service. Also, we are offering the option to pay in installments. For any further queries, please visit us on our opening on [date]. On an opening day, we are offering 25% off on all products and free delivery on any order bigger than [amount].

Looking forward to seeing you in our new store,

Yours sincerely,

Clients make the business successful. Without them, of course, no business can flourish. The greater part of every successful business is its clients. When businesses expand their projects, companies open their branches, superstores open mini-stores or a brand launches a new brand, etc., potential clients are informed for sure.

It is true that a general advertisement is done for the mentioned purposes in order to grab public attention but since businesses know that some of their clients are the true potential clients that can help them with their expanding businesses, letters are sometimes written to such clients in order to inform them about the new business or branch opening, etc.

People usually are attracted when they are informed individually. This works as one of the most successful business tactics to engage with potential clients in a friendly manner when you are about to start a new beginning.

The letter below can be used to invite a potential client to a new store opening.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

It’s been five years since we have you as our much valuable client and you have always been one of the most cooperative customers. We hope that you are enjoying our products as always. This letter is meant to inform you that we are opening the new branch of [enter store name] at [enter place name]. The opening ceremony is on [enter date].

We request the pleasure of your company at the grand opening of our store and want you to please join us with friends and family. There is also a gift distribution at the end of the ceremony and a number of special packages for our clients who’ll be at the opening of our store. We’re hoping to see you.

Please join us!


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