Letter to Terminate Employment Due to Lack of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork cannot be negated especially when it is related to businesses. It is the team that makes a business orĀ breaks it. A good and efficient team, therefore, can be called the backbone of the business. Since teamwork requires the abilities to work in collaboration with the team there are sometimes some employees that lack this ability. They may be efficient on one hand but fail to manage the teamwork bond. As when the team cannot work it affects the business, it is important to notify such employees or as a final solution terminate them to save loss to the business. This letter can be written to an employee in order to terminate him/her for the lack of teamwork.


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I am sorry to inform you that even after having the last meeting with you regarding your performance issues, I observed no change in your strategies. I have been telling you repeatedly that our company is in desperate need of teamwork which you are not doing successfully. Moreover, your personal disputes with the colleagues have worsened the situation. Even though that I tried to give you as many chances and warning as I could, no serious step was taken from your side. I am left with no other choice. Our company cannot afford this kind of behavior so you’re being sent this termination letter. You can collect your salary by the end of this month. Also, please submit all official documents and cupboards keys at my office before leaving. Thank you!

[Your Name]

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Letter to Terminate Employment Due to Lack of Teamwork

Letter to Terminate Employment Due to Lack of Teamwork

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