Apology Letter for Theft & Stealing

Apology letter for stealing from employer

Andrew, it’s been more than a year but still, I am carrying great remorse for my act of stealing from your office. I am born and brought up in a noble family and could not even think about carrying out such stupidity but for some reason, I did so and I truly regret that.

I know my deed was inappropriate and there is no excuse for what I did but I request you to accept my apology. You have hereby assured that this kind of act will never be repeated in the future. I had enjoyed working in your office and want to continue it.

I hope you can think about forgiving me keeping in view my services for your office. Please let me know any other thing which I can do to make amends. Thank you.

Apology letter for stealing from a friend

Accept my apology for the unfortunate and shameful act of stealing your cell phone in the office on [date]. I know I deserve strong punishment.

I have nothing to say in my defense and just want to let you know that I have been feeling ashamed of my unlawful act which would have never been done. I know that whatever the case may be, stealing is wrong in all circumstances. This incident has taught me the lesson that the consequences of such actions are not worth forgiveness but I am thankful to you for not initiating legal proceedings against me.

I want to meet you personally to seek an apology once again and I hope you will spare some time.

Apology letter for stealing money from the company

I know that company reserves full rights to dismiss me from services because of my act of stealing money from the company’s head office but still, I am seeking an apology from you.

I would never have stolen money but I committed this shameful act. On that day, my brother was critically injured and I had to pay his medical bill to hospital management. I had nothing in my pocket therefore, I could not stop myself from such a shameful act.

I request you to forgive me for this shameful act of mine and give me another chance to show my real positive character. Please accept my heartfelt apology and I promise any such act will not be repeated in the future.

Apology letter for stealing to parents

Mom, I want you to know how deeply I am feeling sorry for my shameful act of stealing your bangles in your absence. It was really an inappropriate act and I seek an apology for hurting you.

This was definitely not the way you trained me as your child. You have spent a lot of years focusing on my moral training and taught me to be honest and humble. Surely, I am feeling bad, stressful and after committing this shameful act, I am not gathering enough courage to even look straight at you.

You strived hard to provide me with everything I needed and demanded. Still, I went in the wrong direction, crossed all the limits, and stole your bangles from your drawer. Although I disappointed you but considering it as the last mistake of my life, please forgive me and I assure you that such action would never be repeated by me again.  

Apology letter for stealing from the store

First, I want to apologize for entering your store without permission and stealing a cotton bag thereafter. It was totally an inappropriate act of mine and I am sorry for that.

While I was taking that stolen bag to my home, I thought for a moment and soon I realized how hard it is for you to earn every single penny.  Now, with my heart filled with feelings of sorry, I am returning you the stolen bag along with this letter.

I know you can initiate legal proceedings against me but I am hopeful you will not do so and create some space in your heart to forgive me.

Apology letter for stealing from the store


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