Promotion and Transfer Announcement Letter of an Employee

In businesses, announcements are made via written documents. Usually, the copies of announcement letter are distributed among the employees in order to inform them about a certain news.

When an employee is promoted or transferred to another location or branch of the company all the employees are informed about it. This is partly to inform them of the promotion and partly to decide the alternatives of the employee or the work distribution that will be made after him in case no new employee takes his place.

Letter -1

Hendrick Cook has been appointed to the position of executive vice president for sales for the southern hemisphere. Mr. Cook, an eighteen-year-veteran in various sales and marketing positions for [Company Name] has previously been a senior account executive for New Guinea operations for the company.

“We are very pleased to be able to promote from within,” said Lauren Jamison, president of [Company Name]. “Mr. Cook is one of our most successful and creative salespeople and we look forward to continuing strengthening of our position in New Guinea and Indonesia.”

The letter can be used to inform employees about the promotion of an employee who is also being transferred.

Letter -2

We congratulate Mr. [enter name] on his promotion from [enter previous title] to [enter new title]. He will not work with us at the [enter branch] anymore instead he is promoted as well as transferred to [enter transferred branch]. His main duties there will include [enter description]. This will be a tough job but we have high hopes associated with him since he is a man of action and devotion.

As far as his vacant seat is concerned, I would like to inform all employees of the rank of [enter title] to submit their proposals if they are interested in taking this position. We will also entertain some proposals of the outsiders in order to fill this seat that Mr. [enter name] is vacating. For now, Mr. [enter name] who is currently [enter title] of the company, will take hold of the tasks and projects that were previously done by Mr. [enter promoted employee].

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Promotion and Transfer Announcement Letter of an Employee

Promotion and Transfer Announcement Letter of an Employee

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