Office Rental Contract Termination Letter

A rental agreement known as the lease is a document that describes any commercial or residential property being occupied under a specific time period. Basically, a property manager uses it. Also, landlords use it for lending their property. This agreement is followed by various rules and procedures for verification of the person or business to which it is rented.

Rental contract termination letters are used for many kinds of situations. Sometimes the property owner is in need of money for which they want to sell the property. Other times, they find other suitable modes of investments for earning profit. Commercial lease termination occurs when the company earns enough profit to buy its own building.

Sometimes termination letter for equipment leased is also written when a company can manage to start their own production. For all these purposes, accurate letters including all relevant information are written. The most important part of such a letter is the date. One needs to mention the proper dates of concern.


I am writing to terminate the rental contract my Firm [name] signed with you on [date]. This decision was taken after repeated complaints to you to get the repair work done which you ignored. At the time of signing the rental contract, it was clearly communicated that this repair work should be completed within three months but now after [number] months, it is still pending. It is very difficult for us to work in an office building, which has no proper washroom or kitchen.

The conference area is also missing tiles and is in urgent need of renovation. We face a very embarrassing situation in front of the visiting clients.

[Date] would be the last working day in this office and we will vacate it before [date]. Please inspect it and return the security deposit. In case of any further query, feel free to contact Mr. [name] on [contact details]. Looking forward to a positive response from your side.


I am writing on behalf of [firm name], to inform you that we want to terminate the office rental contract with you. Our new office buildings are complete and we would be shifting there shortly.

Please send your building inspection team any day after [date] and return the security deposit by [date]. We want to thank you for being supportive as a Landlord and always taking care of any issues we faced very swiftly. It is due to our good experience, that we have recommended this building to [firm 2], who will be getting in touch with you shortly.

We wish you all the best for the future and look forward to a positive response from your side.


Robert James
16 St. Fleet Castle Avenue, Las Vegas


Mr. William Edward
Liberty Property Advisor, Cress Cross Tower
Block 22B, Race Course Avenue, Las Vegas

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am hereby writing to inform you that I want the office to be vacated with effect from 5th January 20XX. I have found a profitable investment and for this purpose, my building will be demolished to build rental apartments. Your office of property advisors was well reputed for two years.

I strongly apologize for the inconvenience. Wish you the best to find a good commercial area for your office as soon as possible. You were being very cooperative tenants on behalf of paying the rent on time always. Before you vacate, I wish to return you the security deposit in the coming week.

Enclosed with the letter is the termination contract form. I would be grateful if you will fill it out and resend it as soon as possible. Your kind appreciation and cooperation will be acknowledged.

Wish you good luck in the future.


Robert James

The Owner, Cress Cross Tower


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