Letter of Appreciation to Staff

Appreciations from employers encourage the employees and they tend to work better. When employer’s don’t forget to criticize employees, they should also not forget to appreciate them when it is their due right to be appreciated. This letter can be used to appreciate office staff for the overall performance.


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I would like to appreciate you all for making the workplace a professional business environment. I have been observing the day to day work as well as overall behaviors and punctuality of the employees at the workplace. I am glad that I found nothing that deserves to complain, therefore, I am now ending up with this letter of appreciation after the careful analysis. Accept my heartiest appreciations, dear employees! This is what I wanted to see. Our workplace at this moment is fulfilling the criteria to be called the best workplace environment. My analysis results are hereunder;

  • No employee was late for office in the past one month.
  • All projects went well in time and remained successful.
  • Our sales have increased by –%
  • No employee is found violating any policy of the company.
  • All employees are working with full devotion and harmony.

Thank you all for this! You all deserve a treat for this. Kindly join the conference room [enter date] at [enter time] to enjoy some high tea and a good news which I want to keep clandestine at the moment. Keep doing the good work. Thumbs up!


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter of Appreciation to StaffLetter of Appreciation to Staff

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