Letter Informing the Employees about Office Closing

Profit and loss are parts of the business endeavor. Companies have to take steps as per their financial conditions. Businesses are usually expanded and more branches are opened but contrary to this, sometimes, businesses have to contract their workplaces as well as workforce due to the circumstances that they face.

Employees have their living dependent on the business of the employers for whom they work. It is, therefore, important that if a business finds its financial conditions declining and plans to close its branches or a company as a whole, the employees are informed about it well before time.

What are employers supposed to do as the least favorable to their employees is not to keep them unaware of any such decision that they take? This letter can be written to inform employees about the closing of an office.


I am writing this letter to inform you that the administration has decided to permanently close the [name of office]. During the lockdown, due to COVID, the office spaces had to be closed while all the staff was required to work from home. Now due to an overall improvement in the COVID situation in the country, particularly encouraging rates of vaccination amongst the population, we are considering re-opening offices to restore our previous workplace routine.

However, an appraisal of the previous year has revealed that the arrangement of “working from home” has had certain positives, both in personal and business sense. Not only has it resulted in increased convenience for all of us but has also proved to be safer for the employees in significantly reducing avoidable public exposure during the pandemic where the risk of new variants remains a constant concern. 

Nevertheless, the work from home routine has also made individual and collective business sense. While we have all benefitted from saved time, money, and energy spent in commute, the company has greatly benefitted from a considerable reduction in overhead costs. Therefore, in consideration of your valued opinions and all the above-mentioned mutually beneficial factors, we feel that we have taken the correct decision.

It may be noted that while considering all the above-mentioned factors, the safety and well-being of our precious human resources remained our foremost consideration in the company’s decision-making process while regulating work routine during the pandemic and will continue to remain so in the future.

The arrangement will be reviewed after a period of six months, duly incorporating your feedback. In the end, we would like to praise you as without your dedication, patience, and co-operation we would not have been able to make the difficult adjustments in work arrangements during a trying period of the lockdown. The reason that we came out of the Covid without any layoffs was your cooperation and hard work.

Looking forward to your co-operation and support,

Yours sincerely.

Letter Informing the Employees about Office Closing

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Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I am sad to inform you that after facing continuous loss in business, we are under a lot of financial pressures. There are currently [3, 5, 6, etc.] branches that we have in different cities. After a decline in our market value and the financial loss that we faced, it is not possible for us to keep the load of the workforce of all branches.

There is no hope of recovery in this case if the load remains the same so we have planned to close our [Enter branch name] branch. Please don’t panic. The office will close down after 9 months from now. Till then you’ll keep receiving a salary for the work you’ll do and hopefully will be able to find better opportunities for yourself in this period.

Please do not request for transfer to other branches as we already have enough workforce in all branches and no transfer is possible. I am sorry that you’ll have to leave us this way but I hope that you understand what massive pressures that the company is facing. We were left with no other choice. Accept our humble apologies.

Benjamin Giglio

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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