Late Coming Policy Letter to Employees


Through this letter, I want to inform you about the late coming policy that is going to be implemented with effect from the 1st of November, 20XX. The company was in dire need of formulating such kind of strict policy owing to an increased number of employees who are habitual to coming late to the office.

Punctuality and being disciplined are considered key-to-success of an organization. It was being observed by management for the last three months that office timing was not being followed in a true sense and that was the reason due to which, we were forced to formulate the policy as follows:

  • An employee would be considered as a latecomer if s/he gets late from the office by 10 minutes. Coming late by 10 minutes for two consecutive days will result in the issuance of a reprimand letter.
  • Habitual late comers are a serious threat to the company and therefore the company has decided to deal with such persons seriously. Three consecutive late comings would be counted as one absence and full pay of one day will be deducted from the salary of such an employee.
  • Besides dealing strictly with latecomers, we also aim to facilitate such employees who get late due to a valid reason. Therefore, if an employee gets late due to an emergency, a valid reason must be provided by him/her.
  • Biometric attendance is a must for all the employees and no relaxation would be given in this regard.

The above-mentioned policy has been designed for habitual latecomers only. Those who are punctual, need not be afraid of this policy. I hope at the same time that this policy will be taken as seriously by all the employees and they follow it in a true sense.

Yours sincerely,

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Subject: Late coming policy 20XX [X]

It is being informed to all the employees that the undersigned paid a surprise visit on [date] to the company office located at [place name]. During the visit, it was found that out of 20 employees, 10 were late by 10 to 15 minutes which was painful. Undersigned, when asked the manager about latecomers, was informed that all latecomers are habitual and despite being issued with warning letters, they have not brought a positive change in their behavior.

Keeping in view this alarming situation, a meeting of all department heads was called. The agenda of that meeting was to deal with latecomers in an effective and efficient way. Following points were decided with respect to late coming policy:

  • All employees must reach the office 5 minutes before the start of office time.
  • Biometric attendance is a must for all the employees and will not be compromised in any case.
  • Coming late to the office by 10 minutes will be reprimanded by the department head or manager.
  • If the late comings pile up to three in number, it will be considered as one absent from office work and one day pay of such employee will also be deducted from his salary.
  • If an employee is in serious need of getting late from the office, s/he is supposed to inform the office earlier. However, such excuses will only be entertained if supported by valid documentary proofs, if applicable.
  • Late comings for more than 6 times during a single month will lead towards suspension of such an employee.

The purpose of the above-mentioned policy is to put habitual late comers back onto the track. I hope this policy will be followed in letter and spirit.


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