Business Anniversary Announcement Letter to Clients and Customers

Announcing a business anniversary letter is a letter to memorialize the anniversary of your business. It improves the good reputation of your business affiliates and customers. You may prefer to offer a party or give out gifts or rewards to the customers. You could also include things like a marketing brochure in this letter.

It should be short and must have a personalized touch. You could finish the letter with a compliment. Discuss a few of your previous achievements, and ideas for celebrations. Enjoy the customers’ faithfulness. If you include things like incentives or promotional offers, explain them.

Letter -1

I [title] [name] from [department] want to cordially invite you on the joyous occasion of our [number] 1st/4th anniversary of our beloved [name]. I am sure the old residents remember the humble beginnings of this company and have been a witness to all the hard work that went into bringing it to this stage. We would not have been here, had it not been for your continued support and trust. It is our valued tradition to include the community in our celebration. This time is no exception.

Please join us at [place name] on [date] from [time] to [time]. There would be a magic show and free ice cream for the kids and the adults can enjoy our latest collection at flat [discount] % off. This discount would continue for the whole week at all our outlets. The first [number] of customers would receive free delivery service.

Thank you for making these [number] years such a success! We look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Letter -2

It makes me a very pleased director of [COMPANY NAME] as I declare that we have surpassed another milestone in the record of our company. I take this celebration to thank each of you for getting a serious part of [COMPANY NAME].

What started off as a small firm with a just small number of members has risen up to stay tall between the business leads of the time with quite a few employees. Our company has innumerable accomplishments and successes, particularly from last year which proved to be extremely successful for our organization.

Without the assistance of our fantastic team, it would never have been this big. Every person of you plays a very significant role in the improvement of our organization. It is your passion, support, and commitment that have introduced us to this height. [COMPANY NAME] should ever remain indebted to the efforts of its employees.

We are also thankful to our customers and clients who had faith in us to assist them to provide perfect services and items. Their requirements, issues, and feedback have forced us to go ahead and strengthen intensely.

Our achievements story remains unfinished without the assistance of our customers and clients. Not only have they made us part of their lives but additionally helped us connect to the world. They distribute the word faster and in a much better way than any of our marketing means could.

We approach to keep our business and relationship growing with you and continue to offer you nothing less than the very best. With your assistance, we desire to take a look at new heights this year.


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