Letter to Confirm That an Error Will be Corrected

In businesses, sometimes an error occurs in official documents, project files, company’s journals etc. If such an error is reported or is caught by the relevant persons themselves, a formal announcement should be made, confirming that the error will be corrected. Some errors are minute to be ignored but in businesses, nothing should be taken for granted. Even the minute errors when they are corrected with full responsibility prove the level of professionalism of that business’s professionals.

In such a letter, where an announcement is made regarding the correction of an error, a tone of confession and apology should opt especially when the error could have serious consequences. For example, a business submitting its quarterly report if makes and error, this can be a real time problem for them. Or the errors in the financial transactions, project estimation etc. can cause a real damage to the reputation of the business. It is, therefore, important to write letters of confirmation of correction of errors if such an error is pointed out.


Dear [enter recipient],

After yesterday’s meeting, the meeting minutes were distributed among all the participants. Today I was informed by Mr. [enter the name of employee] about a mistake in the project’s total estimated amount. A digit is missing which is making the total amount half a million less than the actual amount. I am shocked that no one else caught this huge error including myself. I would like to confirm that this error will be corrected and the fresh copies of minutes will be distributed among you. Thanks to Mr. [enter employee name].


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Confirm That an Error Will be CorrectedLetter to Confirm That an Error Will be Corrected

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