Letter to Terminate Employee for Violating Medical Standards


I am [name] from [department name] and am writing to inform you about the findings of the medical board which investigated the case of misdiagnosis of your patient, [name]. Mr. [name] came to you on [date] with a complaint of [symptoms], you advised him of the following tests:

[List of tests]

After the lab reports came back, instead of identifying his disease as a straightforward case of [name of disease] you misdiagnosed it as [name of disease]. Your misdiagnosis almost cost that man his life and brought a very bad name to our prestigious hospital. This kind of negligent behavior is not expected or tolerated in [name] hospital. The care and welfare of our patients come before everything else.

Your employment contract clearly stated that negligence in providing medical care would not be tolerated. In light of the evidence that came to light and after hearing your defense, the board has decided to terminate your contract.

You would be paid one month’s salary in advance, as stated in your employment contract. You can contact Mr. [name] in [department name] for clearance of dues. We would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] from [department name], am writing to inform you about the termination of your contract due to a violation of our medical standards. At the time of hiring, it was clarified that the job of [job title] required perfect eyesight and very good hand-eye coordination. Any lapse on the [job title] ‘s end could put a lot of people in harm’s way. You wrote an affidavit stating the same.

But the incident that took place on [date] clearly shows that you do not fulfill the medical standards required for the job. It is just a coincidence that no one was present in the area or else they would have been seriously injured when the mishap took place. Apart from that such an incident can also expose the company to a lawsuit and bring a bad name to our reputable organization. Taking all these things into consideration, your contract is being terminated effective [date].

You can claim this month’s pay but due to this violation, the company is not bound to pay any of the other benefits mentioned in the employment contract. For clearance of dues, please get in touch with Mr. [name] in [department name].

Yours sincerely,

Good physical health is necessary to perform well in the workplace. This is the reason why employers want to make sure that the employees they hire are physically fit to perform the day-to-day tasks. It is usually asked by the employee to confirm that they are physically fit and are not suffering from any serious disease. Later at some instance during the employment, if the medical report of an employee proves otherwise the employee can be terminated for violating the medical standards.


Dear [recipient’s name],

Like all businesses, we also want to make sure that the health conditions of our employees are up to those standards that will allow them to perform their duties well. It is for this reason that we ask for medical statements from our employees at the beginning of an employment contract.

You submitted your medical statement declaring that you are physically fit for the job and fulfill the medical standards of our company. However, it is sad to discover from the team of doctors that you are suffering from [enter suffering]. For this violation of medical standards, we have to terminate your employment with us. The termination will take effect from [enter date].

Despite this violation, we will not disclose the reason for termination. Please do not approach for the reference letter. However, an employment confirmation letter has been enclosed. Thank you!

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