Complaint Letter for Bad Repair of Vehicle

It is common sayings that buying a vehicle is easier than to maintain it. Maintenance requires a lot of focus attention of owner and mechanic. Repairing is a tricky task because it involves diagnosis and then repairing. If the problem is not ascertained from the bottom, then such repair remains a headache for the owner of the vehicle. Now a day, many repair workshops are advertising for best repair in a lower cost and their customer service is also very active in case of any help. They also offered the free repair in case of bad repair or if the customer is not satisfied. Therefore, in the case of bad repair, their customer service can be used for any complaint.

Complaint Letter for Bad Repair of Vehicle


Town Residency.
Charlie W. Hayden.
Block 21C, Blue Court Avenue, Las Vegas.

July 14th, 2017

Mr. Peter Wordsworth.
Macro Auto Workshop.
23 St. Hill Cross Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I had repaired my jeep from your workshop two days ago, the mechanic had inspected the jeep thoroughly and I availed the premium package for repairing. I was told about the problem with the wheel alignment and gear box of my vehicle. Same were fixed spending two hours of repairing which involved changing of gears and the vehicle was handed over to me in due time. However, I felt the same problem with the wheel alignment and noise of the gear box on my way to home. I inspected myself the lower portion of the gear box and found the oil drops from pin hole of the gear box. Subsequently, I checked the gear oil which was reduced to a minimum limit. Moreover, wheel alignment was performed without wheel balancing due to which problem persists. This bad repair made me much angry because I had spent my precious time and the result is nothing. Now, I am unable to come to your workshop due to the shortage of time and minimum limit of the oil in gear box. Therefore, compensation should be offered to me on such a bad repair.


Charlie W. Hayden.


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Complaint Letter for Bad Repair of VehicleComplaint Letter for Bad Repair of Vehicle

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