Apology Letter to Boss for Miscommunication


Dear Mr. Tom Heath,

I begin by sincerely apologizing for the mishap that happened yesterday. The incident was entirely my fault and happened due to miscommunication on my part. I accidentally informed incorrect details of our ‘Overhead Bridge Project’ including the timeline, budget, and start date to our investors. I did not do thorough research prior and quoted incorrect details to the group members by mistake. I should have been more careful and professional in my dealings, and I take full responsibility for the consequences.

I understand that it could have potentially cost us our clients and might have resulted in financial loss of the company. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

I assure you that I will make amends and will try to clarify the matter to our investors at my earliest. I have already contacted the members by email and have called them for a meeting tomorrow. I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation in which I have stated the facts clearly after thorough research and cross confirmed them with our manager too.

I will present all the facts to them in our meeting and will clarify the situation and take responsibility for the previous incident. I will inform them that you had nothing to do with the miscommunication that happened earlier so your reputation is not tarnished.

I hope that you will understand and accept my apology. Thank you for your consideration

Yours sincerely

Mr. Parish John

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Dear Ms. Anne Johnathan,

Good day. I am writing to address the situation that was discussed at the meeting today. Our client had ordered party items for her event which was scheduled for 1st October 20XX. Due to a miscommunication that happened on my part, I accidentally misinformed the team on the date of the event due to which the food items were prepared a day ahead.

I understand that this caused the food to go to waste as we cannot deliver day-old food items to the client. I apologize for the financial loss caused to the company by this miscommunication. Also, I take full responsibility for this mishap and the wastage of company resources.

In order to make amends, I am ready to pay the amount from this month’s salary to compensate for the food waste. Moreover, as we still have a day to the actual event, I will look over the food preparation myself and make sure everything is perfect this time. I will personally deliver freshly made food items to our client. I hope that you will accept my apologies and my reparation measures in this regard.

I hope that this inconvenience will not result in strict measures being taken against me as I have been a sincere worker for the past two years at this company. This is the first time that an incident like this has occurred due to miscommunication on my part. I assure you that this will never be repeated in the future.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Richard Parker.

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