Sponsorship Request Letter for Soccer Team


Dear (Business/Company Owner Name),

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to (soccer team name and club name), a newly established team from (area name).  We are putting enormous efforts into the development of boys’ soccer skills.  We believe boys can play a positive role in society by displaying their talent and by using their incredible skills. 

You will be glad to know our club has been functional since (date). Over 800 youngsters from different schools and colleges are taking advantage of our training facilities. In addition to that, we run a soccer school at 3 different locations throughout (city name). Our club is strongly linked to the local community and to (school names).

We are proud of our strenuous struggle, enormous efforts, achievements, and the hard work of all the people connected with the club. The collective efforts of our team have led to on-field success.

However, there are many expenses related to the club. For funding, we solely rely on our fundraising events. But this year, unfortunately, we couldn’t raise enough money to support the club. We fear, if we failed to get the funds, we will have to drop out the talented youngsters that are the future of this country.

If it is possible, we would very much welcome the opportunity to speak to you about the sponsorship and funds. If you are interested in sponsoring our club, our team will reach your office to brief you about further proceedings.

You can brighten up the future of hundreds of children that are affiliated with our club.

Thank you for giving this your consideration.

Best Regards,


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Dear (Business/Company Owner Name),

Let me take this opportunity to speak on behalf of (Soccer Club Name). We are a newly emerging soccer club from (area name), strongly advocating for the development of boys’ soccer skills as well as promoting their positive role in society. Our mission is to make an instructive environment for our youth, as well as fielding a competitive team that makes the heads turn locally and internationally.

We are writing this to enlighten you about our club’s sponsorship opportunity for businesses like yours. Your sponsorship funds will be targeted exclusively to lessen the growing expenses of the team. Indeed, your contributions will enable us to conduct team training programs and to be part of tournaments happening around the globe.

Currently, our team is led by a team of volunteer coaches. For the funds, we solely rely on registration fees paid by parents and donations collected from generous families and companies. As these funds are no longer enough to cover all the club expenses so we have to find another support system. To run the club, we are reaching out to local companies and business firms and asking them to support our cause. You can sponsor the club by donating funds for equipment, training fee, travel expense, tournament entry fee.

If you sponsor the whole team by donating (amount of money) that will earn you a proud company badge on our club’s shirts and a team sponsor plaque with a photo of our team. We hope you will take out a moment to review this sponsorship package.

Respectfully yours,

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Letter to Thank People who help in Fundraising

For certain cases, individuals cannot afford to fund alone on their own. They need the help of others to assist them in those causes. For such purposes, funds are raised. Funds are not to be returned as they’re volunteer giving. It comes in the moral duty to support for causes that are for public welfare, for example, helping the refugees, supporting the underprivileged, etc. and it comes under the social duty to assist in cases where there is a need for mutual collaboration.

To fulfill the tasks, funding is required but even to raise funds, assistance is needed. People who assist you in fundraising owe you thanks whether it is by referring people to you or by helping you in any other form. If you’re a person who works on projects for which funds are required off and on, you should especially bring into practice these norms of appreciating and thanking the efforts of people who support you since by this they would get encouragement to work for you in the future.


We from [name] foundation want to thank all of you who helped us in raising the funds for the poor and unfortunate people of [X]. Over 200,000 families had to migrate due to the latest crisis. As the temperatures drop, the lives of these families have become more difficult. Apart from food and medicines, they now require blankets and warm clothes too.

We are grateful for your efforts to raise funds for this purpose. Our aim was to raise [amount] till [date]. It is only due to your efforts that we have been able to reach our goal. With your generous backing, [organization name] has so far distributed aid worth [amount] to the people of [X]. This includes foodstuff, warm garments, blankets, and medications for main hospitals. We are also trying to contribute towards the education of displaced children.

We still have a long way to go before these unfortunate people can have some respite but if we all work together, we can do much good, and as Buddha said, ‘If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.’ Never underestimate your contribution, whether it is big or small it has made a difference in someone’s life and we are grateful for that.

Looking forward to your continued support and help.


As winters were approaching, we at [organization name] requested everyone to help us raise funds to arrange warm clothing and blankets for the unfortunate people who can’t afford these winter essentials. The temperatures were expected to drop below Zero and the homeless people were unlikely to survive such a cold wave without shelter and help.

We are extremely grateful to all of you who came forward and helped us in collecting funds and donated clothes, sweaters, jackets, and blankets. Thanks to your help we have been able to distribute more than [number] of blankets and [number] sleeping bags. Warm clothing was distributed to [number] people including women and children. If you contributed in any way, please accept our gratitude and trust us your contribution made a difference and probably saved a life.

Above all, we would like to thank Mr. [name] from [company name], who not only donated generously to this worthy cause but also offered their company’s warehouse located at [location] to be used as night shelters for the homeless and needy. In these shelters, the poor people were provided with basic necessities such as meals three times a day, medicines, clothes, and blankets. This act of kindness and generosity helped [number] people on average, who otherwise would have ended up on the streets in the extreme cold, without any facilities.  

When people come together they can do a lot of good. The less fortunate among us deserve our sympathy and support. Looking forward to your continued help and empathy in this regard.


I am grateful to you for your help in fundraising. The work on the project of [enter details] has started and it is due to your efforts that we could make it possible. Thank you very much for your funds and all those referrals for funds that you made. We’re indebted to you for this. With our humble recognition of your support, we request you to continue assisting us in the future as the projects that we are working on will benefit a large population. Thank you again!

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Letter to Thank the People who help in Fundraising

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Persuasive Letter to Volunteer for a Social Cause

In this life of hustle and bustle, it has become difficult to free one’s self from volunteer work. While everyone is busy in his own life, it is sometimes difficult to convince people to contribute to social causes. Most people end up giving money as their form of help and avoid giving time as a volunteer. Money cannot suffice without manpower. People can be convinced for volunteering if they are motivated and invited properly. A letter to persuade a volunteer for a social cause should be loaded with the following ingredients.

  • Give yours and your project’s introduction.
  • Tell the volunteer why he is important for you.
  • Persuade the volunteer for social work by telling him the benefits of it, reminding him his social duties as a member of society etc.
  • If you’d be making any compensation i.e. certificate of appreciation etc., make mention of it.


Dear Fellow Citizens,

We want to draw your attention to a very pressing issue which has endangered our health and seriously harmed our environment- Air Pollution.  It is caused by the burning of fossil fuels like coal and petrol. Industries emit poisonous unprocessed gases into the air. The bustling traffic on the roads constantly dumps poison in our air. Burning garbage to get rid of it add more harmful chemicals and gases to our environment.

The effects of all these pollutants entering our environment are alarming. They are the main reason behind the increasing cases of respiratory and heart diseases, especially in children. The effects of air pollution are not just limited to humans but also affect wildlife. Another very serious consequence is the damage to the ozone layer which is getting depleted increasingly. The effects of global warming, in the shape of extreme weather and natural disasters, are visible to all. Air pollution is one of the major contributors to global warming.

In the light of all these warning signs and due to the fact that the air quality of our city is now at [number] which is truly distressing. We at [organization name] have decided to launch a campaign where we would do everything in our capacity to fight this issue. We would start by making traffic monitoring committees the purpose of these committees would be to ensure that no vehicle on the road is emitting excessive or unprocessed smoke.

Also, our volunteers would visit factories surrounding our city and monitor the gas emissions and report any factory dumping unprocessed gasses in the air. The biggest task we face is educating the masses and making them aware of the danger air pollution poses for all of us. Since plants are known to purify the air, we intend to hold tree plantation drives. We need volunteers to help us put our plan into action.

We urge you to join us as this is the need of the hour and will help improve all our lives. If you want to register as a volunteer, please call at [phone number] or register online at our website [website address]. Looking forward to your cooperation,


Dear All,

As we all know that trees are important for our existence. They give us fresh oxygen to breathe and clean our air. We eat their fruits and sit in their shade but our greed is destroying forests. We are not replacing them at the rate at which we are cutting them down. Forests are pivotal for our survival. Not only do they have thousands of trees that help to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem, but they are also home to many species of animals, birds, and insects that are, in one way or other, important for the ecosystem.

The [name] forest near our town has been here for hundreds of years and helps our town in ways we cannot imagine. First of all, it helps to keep our area’s soil fertile because the dead leaves and other plant material which fall from the forest decompose to form humus, which makes our soil rich in nutrients and minerals. This is great as agriculture plays a very important part in our economy and the crop yield is unlike any other because of this nutrient-rich soil.

Secondly, it prevents the infrastructure near the sloping hills from landslides which could be extremely destructive for the houses and other buildings near that area. The forest also helps keep flooding at bay and controls the rate of run-off rainwater by absorbing the excess water and slowing down the flow of water.

Another extremely important factor is that it is home to the [species name] bird which is extremely rare and which our town is famous for. This attracts money through tourism as tourists and birdwatchers from all around the world come to see it in springtime.

However, during recent years, there has been an increase in cutting down of trees and the number of trees in this forest has decreased at an alarming rate. Therefore we are arranging a tree plantation drive near the outskirts of our town, as a step towards conserving and protecting our forest.

We need to spread awareness for this cause, as deforestation is an issue facing the entire world and needs to be dealt with before it is too late. Thus, we would like you all to invite the maximum number of people possible to join us in our effort, at [place] from [time] to [time]. We look forward to working together for a green and bright future.


I am writing to you regarding the social work that we have started in our community. It is about helping underprivileged people by teaching them different techniques and mechanical skills for free so that they may be given the potential to earn well for themselves. Through this, we’ll be able to diminish the wide class system in our society.

Families and not only the individual could be supported through this. Because we cannot do this on our own, your assistance is required. According to our data, you’re a software engineer. We’ll be highly grateful if you spare your Sundays and teach some software uses to the young member of the community that we have planned to assist.

By sharing your knowledge and skills with them for free, you’ll open opportunities for them to become self-sufficient and support their families. You’re requested to consider this request and inform us at our number if you are willing to join us. Our number is [123-4567-8901] Thank you!

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Persuasive Letter to Volunteer for a Social Cause

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