Sponsorship Request Letter for Soccer Team


Dear (Business/Company Owner Name),

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to (soccer team name and club name), a newly established team from (area name).  We are putting enormous efforts into the development of boys’ soccer skills.  We believe boys can play a positive role in society by displaying their talent and by using their incredible skills. 

You will be glad to know our club has been functional since (date). Over 800 youngsters from different schools and colleges are taking advantage of our training facilities. In addition to that, we run a soccer school at 3 different locations throughout (city name). Our club is strongly linked to the local community and to (school names).

We are proud of our strenuous struggle, enormous efforts, achievements, and the hard work of all the people connected with the club. The collective efforts of our team have led to on-field success.

However, there are many expenses related to the club. For funding, we solely rely on our fundraising events. But this year, unfortunately, we couldn’t raise enough money to support the club. We fear, if we failed to get the funds, we will have to drop out the talented youngsters that are the future of this country.

If it is possible, we would very much welcome the opportunity to speak to you about the sponsorship and funds. If you are interested in sponsoring our club, our team will reach your office to brief you about further proceedings.

You can brighten up the future of hundreds of children that are affiliated with our club.

Thank you for giving this your consideration.

Best Regards,


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Dear (Business/Company Owner Name),

Let me take this opportunity to speak on behalf of (Soccer Club Name). We are a newly emerging soccer club from (area name), strongly advocating for the development of boys’ soccer skills as well as promoting their positive role in society. Our mission is to make an instructive environment for our youth, as well as fielding a competitive team that makes the heads turn locally and internationally.

We are writing this to enlighten you about our club’s sponsorship opportunity for businesses like yours. Your sponsorship funds will be targeted exclusively to lessen the growing expenses of the team. Indeed, your contributions will enable us to conduct team training programs and to be part of tournaments happening around the globe.

Currently, our team is led by a team of volunteer coaches. For the funds, we solely rely on registration fees paid by parents and donations collected from generous families and companies. As these funds are no longer enough to cover all the club expenses so we have to find another support system. To run the club, we are reaching out to local companies and business firms and asking them to support our cause. You can sponsor the club by donating funds for equipment, training fee, travel expense, tournament entry fee.

If you sponsor the whole team by donating (amount of money) that will earn you a proud company badge on our club’s shirts and a team sponsor plaque with a photo of our team. We hope you will take out a moment to review this sponsorship package.

Respectfully yours,

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