Letter to Reprimand Employee for not Meeting Deadlines

Letter -1

I [title] [name] am writing to you in reference to your last projects’ late submission. When you were assigned the project you were duly informed that it is time-sensitive and it was critical to its success that you complete your part in time. You were given frequent reminders in the meetings held to discuss progress but you still didn’t pick up your pace. Now since the tender was not prepared on time the [department name] team is left with no time to work on it and submit it before the deadline and hence we couldn’t apply for the tender.

The loss we have suffered is not just monetary as you have also wasted all the hard work of the team that worked on the project before you. All the man-hours spent in perfecting the proposal are now wasted. Be very clear that such negligence would not be tolerated again. Consider this to be a warning, if a similar situation arises again, we would be forced to think about the termination of your work contract.

Looking forward to better performance in the future,

Yours sincerely,


Dear Ms. [name]

I am writing to you on behalf of the school management. You were assigned the task of making a timetable for middle school on [date]. We were very clear that you have to submit it by [date]. The intent was that it should be communicated to the teachers and the students in time so that when the students come back after the winter vacations the new term can commence smoothly without any delay or inconvenience to anyone.

We still haven’t received the timetable at the time of writing this letter on [date], despite the frequent reminders by your Senior Mistress Ma’am [name]. Your negligence and tardiness have affected the whole middle school. Teachers are waiting to be assigned their timetables so that they can plan their lessons accordingly. The school is reopening tomorrow and the students have not yet been communicated their timetable.

This was a time-sensitive task and we had better expectations from you. Your failure to complete the task at hand in time has created a problem for everyone and this type of slackness is not tolerated in our school. We expect you to submit the timetable tonight by [time], latest. You have to see the principal tomorrow at noon to explain your position and why this extremely inconvenient delay happened.

Looking forward to more responsible behavior in the future,

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

We hire employees to work for us. Being in this important line of business where competition is increasing every day, we want to make sure that our employees are competitive, potential, and punctual. I am sure that you know punctuality is not only to come to the workplace and meetings in time. It also includes completing the given work in the given time. Although your performance has not been the same earlier, I am disappointed with your performance.

You are not meeting the deadlines and this is not the first time that you are going beyond the deadlines. Your performance is affecting our reputation. Our clients have had an unsatisfactory experience with us since their project was not ready in time and it was you who was managing the projects.

I am afraid that if such a performance of yours continues, we’ll be left far behind in the business line. I want you to be conscious of meeting the deadlines given to you. In the case otherwise, I shall have no other choice but to send you a final decision. Thank you!

Letter Reprimanding Employee for Violating a Company Policy

Every company has its rules and regulations and the employees working in it are expected to follow those rules and regulations. An employee handbook also states the dos and don’t parameters that an employee is supposed to keep. In the case of the violation of any rule or policy of the company, prompt action should be taken and the respective employee should be criticized for doing so.

Letter -1

Dear Mr./Ms. [name],

I [title] [name] from [department name] department am writing to you because we received a complaint on [date] regarding the incident that took place on [date] at [time]. Mr./Ms. [name], when you were hired you signed a contract which clearly stated the terms of your employment and apart from other things also stated the company policies.

You were hired after you agreed to follow the rules and regulations which govern the office environment in our organization. The company policy is very clear in this regard. There is to be zero tolerance for harassment, foul language, and misbehavior of any sort.

We have made a disciplinary committee that will thoroughly investigate the allegations made against you. After interviewing all the relevant people and the aggrieved party, the committee will decide on the action to be taken.

Your disciplinary committee hearing is to be held on [date] at [time]. You are welcome to present any evidence you might have in your defense.

This letter can be written to reprimand an employee for violating the company of nondisclosure.

Letter -2

Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope that you’re aware of the company’s policies well since it’s been [enter period] that you are working at [enter company]. The non-disclosure policy of the company states that no information regarding our copyright models will be shared with other companies before or after the completion of the project.

We own rights to all project models that are designed at our workplace. You have been working on the project of [enter project name] which is a unique project that we are doing. However, I am very sad to learn that you disclosed the project details to some employees of the [enter company name] company in an informal meeting while you know that they are our competitors in the market.

I was not expecting this from a senior and trusted employee like you. Nonetheless, I want to give you a chance to make a clarification (if any), on this violation that you have made. For this, kindly meet me in the office at [enter time].

Reprimand Letter for not Following Orders


This letter aims to indicate the hassles and violation of orders being carried out in the restaurant. Being the sole proprietor of Sizzlers Cuisine, I hereby inform you that I have been acknowledged with the news via [X], who is my brother-in-law living in Surrey at this time. It has been noted that there has been sheer negligence and some sort of chicanery going on in the business. You are aware of the extreme conditions of the spread of Covid-19 which has badly affected our town of Surrey in recent years and hence I have faced a real-time loss in my business due to the lockdown.

I have been told that despite the clearly stated SOPs and orders given to you all (employees), the SOPs are not being properly followed. The bar of the restaurant is kept open till 9 pm and the café till 7 pm although the closing time for both and for all other restaurants in Surrey is 6 pm.

I don’t really think you have any idea that the negligence you are doing is counted as a violation of the latest policies and the law. As soon as this news reaches the town’s Police, the restaurant might be sealed by the court and all of you including myself would get arrested then and there.

This has been a very irregular, inconsiderate, and disappointing act and if my restaurant is sealed, I ensure you are going to get into the hot water for that. I am getting worried about my business there and if I were in town right now, I might have fired you from the job as soon as possible. Or at least I would have never let this happen.

Anyhow, till the time the police do not know about the bar being open for customers past 6 pm, you may enjoy the leverage to be retained on the job. I really hope you would think from all angles and about all the possible outcomes because of your negligence and violation of orders.


Eric Johnson
Proprietor of Sizzlers Cuisine
Surrey, England.

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Mr. Aden Camiller
Assistant Manager
Northumberland Theatre
10th Avenue, Main Boulevard, England.

10th September, 20XX

Dear Mr. Camiller,

This letter aims to specify the disappointment and dissatisfaction the theatre owners have communicated to me. As I am in charge of this Northumberland Theatre, the owners have got the news that you had been sleeping and staying in the theatre hall along with some other companions of yours for the past days and violation of orders was being carried out as this is simply not allowed.

Entry of any outsider is prohibited by the theatre owners after the last show of the night ends at sharp 11:30 pm. I just had been away to visit my town for a couple of days, and you did not even consider twice before taking such a huge step against the rules of the theatre.

Ever since the theatre has been inaugurated in 1930, it has had the honor of being the oldest and one of the most well-maintained theatres in Northumberland. The owners and administrative staff have been going to any extent to make the fine reputation it carries. I have been a loyal employee of theirs till the time of my hiring 23 years ago. This is hence just like a second home to me, and I have serious concerns about its reputation and maintenance.

After all, it is a theatre and not an inn where you can hang out with your companions, who were also completely unknown to me and the owners. As an assistant manager, you were expected to keep things in place in my absence, but it seems like you did not bother about the duties and responsibilities with which you were entrusted upon.

This was highly a despicable thing to do which shows your dishonesty and disloyalty towards the organization that feeds you. The owners have hence decided not to give you another chance, as they cannot trust you anymore. You are asked to put up a resignation soon or to get prepared for being fired directly which is probably more insulting. This will also help you stay cautious about your attitude in the next firm you will work at.

I advise you to never deceive anyone if you need to be successful in your career. The owners will clear your dues soon and then you might leave afterward. 

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Hopkins
Senior Manager Northumberland Theatre.

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