Notifying Employees About Change of Vendor


I, Harris, CEO of [XYZ Company] want to notify you through this letter that we have terminated the contract with [Mr. ABC]. From now onward, he will no longer be acting as a vendor for our company. This notification is effective from [date].

He had been working with us for the last ten years and provided his services for this company. But then I had to take this decision after receiving a lot of complaints from your side since you all were not satisfied with the quality of the material he has been supplying us for the last two months. Despite rapid and repeated communication, he failed to raise the standard of material. Instead of [Mr. ABC], [Mr. XYZ] will be acting as a vendor from now onward for our company.

Since you all have been notified through this letter about the change of vendor, therefore, you are directed not to purchase any material from [Mr. ABC] on behalf of the company because all the bills or receipts issued by him will not be accepted for the claim and no excuse will be entertained in this regard. [Mr. XYZ] is an authorized vendor for our company and you are therefore directed to purchase every item from him for which you want to make a claim.

I hope this notification has been received and acknowledged by all the employees.

Yours truly,

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Subject: Notifying employees about change of vendor

Dear all,

In response to a lot of complaints, I received from your side about [Mr. ABC], who was working as a vendor for our company, constituted a committee to analyze the issue. It is hereby notified that the contract of [Mr. ABC] is being terminated W.E.F. [date] and he will no longer be working as a vendor with our company.      

From now onward, [Mr. XYZ] will be our new and authorized vendor with effect from [date]. He has a good repute in the market, and we have selected him as a vendor after conducting a lot of research. This is being clarified that no bill or receipt will be accepted for a claim which is issued by our ex vendor. We have taken this decision keeping in view the poor quality of his services.

Moreover, it is further notified that only such a bill will be accepted for a claim which is issued by our current vendor. Since it has been described that the contract of our vendor is being terminated on [date], therefore, you are directed to claim any bill issued by him before the said date because no such claim will be entertained after this date and no excuse will be admitted thereafter.

I hope you all will comply with the instructions issued in this notification.

Yours truly,

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