Warning Letter for Using Foul Language at Workplace

Letter -1

Dear Mr. Colbert Ray,

I am writing to inform you that we have been getting complaints regarding you using foul language at the workplace. Many of your co-workers have complained about you on separate occasions. We have been informed that you have had a violent altercation with one of your co-workers and used profanities against them.

The use of foul language and disruptive behavior goes against our company values. It is a violation of our company policy which requires you to be respectful and courteous towards your co-workers. Using foul language is serious misconduct that may lead to strict measures taken by the organization.

We are warning you to please make amends and to check your behavior, failure of which will lead to your temporary suspension or permanent termination from work.

If you are facing any difficulties regarding your work or have any issues with another employee, please feel free to contact HR. We are happy to help our employees anytime. We do not want the misconduct of employees to disrupt the work environment of the company or to result in any delays in meeting deadlines.

We expect that you will be careful with your language at the workplace from now on as this is your last warning.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Alex Richards
Manager HR

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Dear Mr. Peter John,

Good day. We have been informed that you have used foul language with one of your colleagues, Mr. Norman Reed. He came to you to inform you about some mistakes you made in the report which resulted in you getting violent. You shouted profanities at him and pushed him against the table which lead to him being injured.

Mr. Peter, we must inform you that this type of behavior will not be tolerated at our company. It is our company policy to always ensure the safety of our employees. You have not only violated the company policy but also assaulted your fellow employee.

We, therefore, warn you to stop using foul language and disrupting the office environment with misconduct and bad behavior. We also encourage you to apologize to Mr. Noman and to never repeat this behavior with anyone again at our office.

Our company values a peaceful and stress-free working environment and encourages all the employees to cooperate with us in this matter. Any employee who is found guilty of using foul language or disruptive behavior is terminated after one warning.

This is your first warning; we hope that you will make amends and not repeat this behavior again which will most definitely lead to your termination from the company. If you wish to discuss anything with us or have any issues regarding work or anything else, please feel free to contact us or have a meeting with us at the HR office.

We hope to see hear from you soon.

Thank you for your cooperation


Ms. Annie Muse
Manager HR

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