No Response Inquiry Letter to Supplier


I, Anderson, working as a manager in Stars Constructions Limited, hereby want to remind you about our meeting which held last week. This meeting was in response to your supply of poor-quality material for one of our construction projects and finally, you were agreed on the replacement of that low-quality material. Now, this is to remind you that no response has been taken from your side yet.

If you remember, I told you again about my requirements, and you were also informed that it was our top priority to have the best quality material at the construction site since we had stopped the project owing to the poor quality of the material. You also agreed to supply it as soon as possible.

Now, it has been seven days since our meeting and no response has been observed from your side yet which is really an alarming situation for the company because we have built our worth in the market after a ten-year struggle and cannot afford such kind of unprofessionalism from our supplier. So, you are again being informed that we need an immediate supply of the material at our site and you have only two days for this purpose.

You are required to take swift action on the matter to resolve the problem as early as possible. Moreover, if no response is observed from your side, we will be forced to stop working with you, and then, we shall never sign any contract with you.

I hope you have understood the whole condition.

Yours sincerely,

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Subject: No response inquiry letter to supplier

Dear Johnson,

I am Darwin, a loyal distributor of medicines. Through this letter, I want to inquire about that factor which has forced you to become nonresponsive. I have been purchasing and distributing your company’s medicine for the last ten years on regular basis. I have marketed your company’s medicines in the whole market and therefore, made a good repute in the market.

I neither faced any problem from your side nor had anticipated but for the last three weeks, I have noticed that supply has not been delivered to me on time which is causing a huge interruption in the way of my business. Despite informing you verbally, no response has been observed from your side and I have been forced to write you like this. Sorry to say but this is becoming obvious from your behavior that your company is behaving unprofessionally and has become nonresponsive.

You are hereby informed that I need an immediate supply of medicines to stand in the market again. Moreover, you are further informed that if we don’t any response from your side, I shall be forced to stop doing business with you.

I hope you will investigate the matter deeply and resolve my problem as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

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