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Letter to disagree with a school decision 0

Letter to Disagree with a School Decision

Sometimes, the school administration takes some measures that are unjustifiable and are opposed by the parents. In such kind of situations, disagreement letters are written by the parents to show their disregard for the unfair decision. The letter must be written in a convincing way with a respectable tone since you’re dealing with the faculty and administration so, it must always be respected. The following letter is written in this...

Thank You Letter after Interview for Teaching Position 0

Thank You Letter after Interview for Teaching Position

This is a thank you letter written after your interview for a teaching position at a school [college/university]. Such kinds of letters are written in order to show your gratitude for the chance of getting the interview. The letter must begin with a thank you note. Moreover, it also contains the details about your abilities and the skills that make you eligible for the job. The letter body is given...