Excuse Letter of Absence Due to Bad Weather


Re. Absence due to Deluge and Thunderstorm in the Area

Dear Sir, this letter has been penned to excuse my absence from 23-07-21 to 24-07-21. I could not inform the relevant department about my absence because of busted wires of mobile connections but I managed to inform the department on 24-07-21 through a text message.

As you must know that many states of America are under high alert by the weather forecasting and by the Federal Authority of Climate Disaster. It said that the concurrent week can be hardly hit by the rainstorms and there is a high risk of flooding in the lower inclined areas of the cities.

Sir, I live in a county of Orlando which is in the lower draw of the surface and has been hard hit by the rainstorm. The area has been deluged by the rainstorm and thus it has damaged all the connections of telephone and electricity. Moreover, many other pipelines have been obstructed with the waste materials, therefore, there is no chance of normalization for two more days. The local authorities have informed that there is no chance of another cloud of rainstorms, but it will take at least two more days to normalize the wreck caused by the flooding of the area.

Therefore, I could not attend the office and I am unable to do so for the next two days i.e., from 25-07-21 to 26-07-21. I assure you that I shall attend the office as soon as the pathways and roads become clear by the Sanitation department of the local authorities. I also assure to recompense the due work. Please respond to me at [EMAIL]. I thank you for cooperating in this time of fright and dreadfulness.


Kessy Geller
Assistant OR
Department of Web Designing and Graphicology (WebDG)
Oyster and Pearls by DNS
P-0091 Eighth Floor, SK-Heights
Florida, USA

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Re. Excuse Letter for Absence due to Cloudburst and Inundation

Dear Jennifer,

With reference to the above-cited subject, this letter serves as an excuse letter.

I intend to exculpate through this letter for not being able to attend the office and hence the meeting with Californian clients on 24-07-21. The absence was caused by the severe weather conditions in the area. As you know that Florida has been swept by severe weather conditions since June 2021, there is a rare chance of not getting rain or thunderstorms in the area. Except that, the weather got genuinely severe on the evening of 23-07-21 that kept me from attending the office.

It was cloudy in the evening but a large cloudburst was witnessed in the night. The night was characterized by heavy rainfall and thunderstorm resulting in terrible flooding and inundation. The streets were filled with water and the floodwater started to enter the residence of the area. Many offices and markets in the CAF area of Orlando suffered through this. Hence, an emergency and high alert were put in the locality of CAF by the local government to avoid any damage or further disaster. CDC team is working to circumvent any scathing situation due to this sudden change in weather.

My car in the parking lot is half sunk in the water as the basements are filled with water despite well-constructed sanitation. Authorities are working to normalize the disastrous look of the area and wipe out the water from the residential and commercial areas.

As you know, I am a very responsible and punctual employee of the company. I assure you that I shall attend the office after all the wrecks get back to a normal situation. Moreover, I shall also be ready to work from home if it takes more than anticipated time in cleaning out the water and waste from the streets. For more, you can call me at +[Contact]. I thank you in anticipation for understanding the situation and considering my matter of weather conditions.


Timber Halsey
Assistant CRO,
PDF Group of Pvt Ltd.
G-909 Sector G Area G-10/iii Orlando,
Florida USA.

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