Character Reference Letter for a Property Lease Applicant

In today’s time when the business of lease property is in full swing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for someone to find out the right place and the right person to avoid any exploitation through charming advertisements. These advertisements are made to attract the customers and fascinate them to decide even without any verification.

But there are numerous cases in which either tenant or landlord suffer from scam resulting in the loss of money or valuables. Therefore, strong decisions are not made on just fascinating advertisements but they need some verification or reference by someone authentic. A character reference letter is written to certify the authenticity of the tenant or landlord to avoid any fraud.


To whom it may concern

I [name] have known Mr. [name] for the last [number] of years. He is a very fair and honest person. He has been my tenant for the last [number of years] years and he has proven himself to be responsible and reliable. He respects the clauses of the rental agreement and pays the rent on time. He has kept the rental property in good condition and takes an active interest in its maintenance.

I have never received any complaints from my other tenants who reside in the same building. Mr [name] is a soft-spoken and polite person who follows the community rules and gets along with the neighbors. It is easy to communicate with him.

As he is starting a new business, he needs to rent some office space. I can vouch for him. I am sure that he would prove to be a good tenant. In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact me at [contact details].


To whom it may concern

Mr. [name] has been working in my firm as [designation] for the last [number] years. I found him to be a very honest and hard-working person. He is polite and respectful and can communicate clearly without getting rude or offensive. He is well respected in the office and by his hard work and fair nature, he has carved out a special place in our firm. He is an excellent mentor to many of his juniors.

I can assure you that he has a stable source of income and would be able to pay his monthly rent on time. He is a responsible person so I am sure that he will care for your property and would prove to be a good tenant.

Due to his courteous nature and being a good team player, I am sure that he would prove to be an excellent addition to your community. In case of any further queries, you can contact me at [contact details].


M/S Juliet Construction
Christopher Adam
29 St. Round Crew Avenue, Arizona.


Mr. Aaron James
AmSouth Proprietors
46 St. Renton Enclaves, Arizona.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are fine and enjoying the best health. I am the proprietor of M/S Juliet construction and I know Mr. David for more than five years. In fact, when I started the house construction business, he was my first tenant. I define him as very humble and a very gentleman.

Although he was doing an ordinary job at that time, he remained very responsible in his payments and never delayed in any condition. He has a small family consisting of three persons. I have never heard any complaint from his neighbors. Rather, they always praise him because of his helping attitude. He is a family-oriented person and passes most of his time with his family. He does not like noisy parties at home except few family gatherings on occasions.

I found his home very neat and clean all the time during my surprise visits. Now he is settled financially than before and working in a well-renowned company. In my opinion, he is the best person that can have your property on lease and you would remain satisfactory throughout this contract.

Forwarding for information and further necessary action.


Christopher Adam.
Proprietor M/S Juliet Construction


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