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Dear all, this letter serves as an announcement notice in which it is informed that Malmax Attire (the brand) has incorporated their business with Jayzee Stores consolidating it into Malmax & Jayzee’s. The two businesses have incorporated into one body after their mutual core interests and goals.

After realizing that Malmax and Jayzee are indoctrinated with the same vision of the business and share similar aspirations and interests. Their mutuality idealized the incorporation of these two businesses into one. The reason behind the incorporation of the two businesses is to strive in the same dimension collectively and with more manpower and better leadership. The vision of both the businesses is the same and both are striving to bring the textile business in Florida at a point of sky-high business enthusiastically and honestly.

The union of the two businesses will not impact our customers in any way. There shall be trivial changes in packaging and trademark of the companies to show the union of the two. We shall operate our business from the same operatives and warehouses. No change in pricing and policies shall be done. Both businesses shall underboss each other and coordinate in times of economic spike or fallout.

Any surge or dearth shall be treated and dealt by the two groups together, for instance, subtleties in taxes and another outgrowth. We hope the two shall work together to strive for excellence and give wonderful outcomes. We thank our worthy customers and clients for their constant love and support.

For any query, call our collective helpline (updated) 10901 or write to us at [X].


Mr. Shaun Max & Leila Tor
Malmax & Jayzee’s
Florida, USA

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Dear All,

We have incorporated our business into one body of operations by consolidating Denmark Constructions and Lockhart Designs and Artisans (LDA). it shall be effective from [DATE].

Denmark Constructions is one of the most famous and reliable names among construction companies and has been working since 1998. They have advanced equipment, tools, and an ardent workforce. They have a well-trained body of workers who are given one-month training course every year to get the advancements in the field of constructions and buildings. Our engineers are graduates of well-known universities and have an immensely impressive level of expertise in their areas. They are competent, professional, and creative in their fields. Denmark Constructions has been entitled to having several major construction projects with governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Lockhart Designs and Artisans (LDA) has their expertise in designing exterior and interior along with having huge artisanship. They have also done major projects with several renowned companies. They offer their services in the commercial sector only and have expertise in the designing and patterning of corporate offices and commercial sectors. They were awarded the best Designing Company’s Award in 2013 by the Annual Companies and Organizations Awards.

The steering of both the companies believes that they can work better collectively while on the same page of vision, struggle, and achieving excellence. There is no change in the operatives and mechanics of both businesses. Both the businesses shall be underboss by third-party incorporation of Floria Counsel Pvt. Ltd. For more call us at +[X] or write to us at [X] or at [X]. Thank you for acknowledging the mutual consolidation.


Denmark Constructions & Lockhart Designs and Artisans
Head office: 117- German Heights, Orlando
Florida, USA

Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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