Letter to Respond to Complaint on Manager’s Attitude

Employees do not usually reach employers with their complaints. However, when they do, it is the employer who is responsible for responding to the complaints. When a response to a complaint is written that has been made by an employee it should be made sure that;

  • The employee is not criticized for taking his complaint to the employer.
  • He responded with a tone of appreciation and a clear impression that his complaint is valued.
  • Ensure the employee that his name will not be disclosed especially if the complaint is about senior members.
  • Ensure the employee that his complaint is read, and appreciated and prompt action will follow this appreciation as well.

This letter can be written in order to respond to an employee’s complaint about the manager’s attitude.


I am [title] [name] from the [department name] from [company name]. We received a complaint from you on [date] regarding the incident that took place in our [name] store on [date] at [time]. We have looked into the issue and after investigating the issue in full, we have come to the conclusion that Mr [name], the manager on duty was rude to you and he didn’t handle his professional responsibilities properly.

We apologize to you on behalf of the [company]. We have a very clear policy regarding customer service. Our customers always come first and their queries regarding any product are to be entertained politely, in detail, and till the customer is satisfied. The attitude of Mr. [name] is not acceptable and he has been severely reprimanded.

As a token of our regret and to recompense you somewhat for the inconvenience you faced, we are sending you a gift card worth [number]. You can claim it at any of our branches and purchase anything you fancy. We apologize to you once again and look forward to your kind patronage in the future too.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [title] [name] from [company name] am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding Mr. [name], our [name of store] manager. We have looked into the issue. We understand that you had made a payment for [product name] in [month’s name] and were promised that it would be available by [date] but when you came to collect it, it had still not arrived. This led to an argument with the manager on duty.

We would like to clarify that the [product] delivery was late due to reasons beyond the control of either the manager or the [company name]. In this pandemic, things are a lot more unpredictable and shipping and delivery is one area that has been affected a lot. Having said that, the way the manager behaved is not allowed or tolerated in our [company].

It was his duty to explain the situation properly to you and address all your concerns very politely and professionally. We would like to apologize to you on his behalf and assure you that he has been reprimanded and you would never face this kind of attitude again at any of our outlets.

To show our remorse for this incident and appreciation for your patronage, we are sending you a complimentary [gifted accessory name] worth [number] which will greatly enhance your experience when you use your [ordered product].

In the end, we would once again apologize to you for this unpleasant incident and the delay you had to face. Also, we would like to thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this issue to our knowledge, this helps us improve the customer service experience you get when you visit our outlets. We look forward to your kind benefaction in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I have received your complaint letter and I have read it carefully, twice. Mr. [enter name], I am sorry that you had to face such kind of attitude from our manager Mr. [enter manager’s name]. He is a good man and I am disappointed to hear such a complaint about him. You mentioned that he [enter complaint].

I would like to ensure you that your complaint is valued and I will discuss this matter with him. I also want to ensure you that your name will not be used anywhere in the discussion. Your concern for resolving the issues of workplace matters very much and I encourage your decision of taking your complaint directly to my office. I will try not to disappoint you. Thank you!

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