Letter to School about Teacher’s Bad Performance


January 14, 20XX
Mark Hutcheon
ABC School
Bedfordshire 2345 Street

Dear Mr. Hutcheon, I am sorry to inform you about the poor performance of Ms. Juliet who is teaching the English Language in your school. I should have written it earlier to you about this, but I did not. I met personally with Ms. Juliet and complained to her that my son Adam is running down in his performance and he has got B grades in all the subjects, but she did not give an ear to what I said. This time in final exams he got F grades in all the subjects.

He was the class topper since class one but as he promoted to class 7th all his progress went down. I asked him about these falling grades and he told me that his teacher does not pay attention in class activities and does not teach them well. Not only Adam but his other classmates have also complained about the same thing. As you know that your school is in the middle of the city and parents let their children take admission in this school, but this attitude of your teacher is not acceptable.

I request you to please terminate this teacher as soon as possible as it is not good for the future of students. If you do not do so, the thing I can do only to let my son get admission to some other school.

I hope you will go through what I have mentioned above and will give kind consideration to this request. Waiting for a positive response from your side!


Sylvia Plath

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January 14, 20XX
Linda Wavell
ABC School
Washington, 4567 Street

Dear Mr. Wavell,

I hope you are doing very well. I am so much disappointed after seeing the monthly class report of my daughter. I have learned from renowned resources that Miss. Julian was the primary school teacher but due to certain resources she got promoted to a higher level and now she teaches grade 10th students. Giving promotion to teachers is not bad but you should give it to some deserving teacher who is capable enough for holding this position. To play with the future of students is not considered good and it is a crime.

It has become obvious now that Miss. Julian does not come well prepared for what she has to deliver to the students, and she is not capable enough to teach the students of this grade. Yesterday, I was taking my daughter’s test and it was really shocking for me that her teacher has delivered the wrong concepts. She not only misguiding students but also damaging your school repo as well.

I request you to please take strict action against her rather than allow her to play with the student’s future. We are living in such a technological world where our children have to pace them up according to the modernized global world but due to getting the wrong concepts from a teacher, they are lacking behind.

Stern action should be taken against such a teacher on an urgent basis, so may our children do not fall far behind. I hope that you will give kind consideration to this request. If you have any queries regarding this, you can contact me on this number [X] or I can visit your office. Waiting for your response!


Anne Sexton

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