Letter to Criticize an Employee Demanding Undue Reimbursements

Employees sometimes pay for certain business dealing and tours from their own pockets. They’re however reimbursed by the company once the claim is approved. Not always the claim is a due claim. Sometimes employees demand for reimbursement that is wrong. It happens either by mistake or is done intentionally. If this happens, an employee is criticized for this so that he may avoid such an attitude in future be it intentional or unintentional.


Letter to Criticize an Employee Demanding Undue Reimbursements


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Dear Mr. [enter employee name],

I did not expect this irresponsible behavior from you. I am also not convinced yet that it was a mistake. After your international tour last month to the [enter country] for business purposes, you were asked to submit the report of your expenses and the total costs so that a reimbursements could be made to you. Your report mentions your stay at [enter hotel] which is one of the most expensive hotels of [enter country name] while according to our knowledge you stayed at [enter hotel name] during your business tour which is not as expensive as the hotel that you mentioned. The mistake in writing the hotel name is understood. You possibly had visited that hotel to meet someone and might have confused the hotel name while writing however; I am unable to understand why the dues of hotel are mentioned more than expected. Mr. [enter employee name] also stayed at the same hotel three months ago when he was on a tour and his hotel dues were totally different from yours. Interestingly, his stay was double the time you stayed.

Let’s hope that it was only a mistake. You’re requested to meet me at my office so that you may be given a chance to explain your point.

Thank you!


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Letter to Criticize an Employee Demanding Undue ReimbursementsLetter to Criticize an Employee Demanding Undue Reimbursements

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