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Re. Golf Tournament Announcement in Baldwin Park, Orlando

Dear all, we are pleased to announce that the Denver Sports Counsel is going to hold a golf tournament in Baldwin Park, Orlando. This tournament is going to be held for the commencement of Sports Sessions 20XX in the area. Golf is one of the sports that is undermined and underrated for various reasons by the big guns of the Sports Complex Committee of California. The biased and partial interests of the SCC have been observed at various points, not appropriate to discuss here.

Baldwin Park area is one of the most neglected areas in terms of the development of sports and games for all age groups. The area has nearly two general grounds and one park for sports and games for a public of almost 50,000 people. To spread awareness on this subject, Denver Sports Counsel takes the step forward and announces the commencement of the golf tournament. This shall not only spread awareness on the importance of sports grounds and sports complex but also prove itself fruitful for the Golf Federation of CA.

In this tournament, several teams from different parts of California shall participate. The tournament shall continue for three days whereby only winning two teams shall be eligible for the final match. We have prepared a team from Orlando who will host the tournament addressing the importance of sports and specificities required. The tournament will be commenced on [DATE] and will be continued for three days i.e., from [DATE] to [DATE]. On [DATE] it will be held at Balwin Park, Orlando and several guests of honor shall attend the tournament.

We request you to join the tournament even if you do not want to play. Your presence will encourage the players and will increment their motivation and involvement in the tournament. We are also giving dinner to the invited participants. We look forward to seeing you at the golf tournament. For any additional information, please contact Mrs. Jenifer at [call] or email us at [email]. Your presence shall be highly appreciated and acknowledged. Please respond to the letter by acknowledging the announcement.


Richard Doner
Denver Sports Counsel,
Branch office, TWT Heights, 09202
Orlando, CA

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Re. Golf Tournament Announcement for Developmentally and Physically Challenged

Dear Folks,

Amy Welfare Organization is taking this moment to announce a much-awaited event that was delayed many times due to Covid restrictions. It has been officially confirmed by the Development of Sports and Games Counsel (DSGC) that the Golf Tournament for the developmentally and physically challenged is going to be held on [DATE].

The tournament was to happen on [DATE] but it could not be acted out Due to a spike in coronavirus spread in the area and lockdown imperatives given by the federal and state government. It was, therefore, postponed and delayed for an unindicated time. According to the recent announcements of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and DC&V, the situation is better than before and thus a lot of implications are removed, and leniency has been given.

Thus, the tournament is going to be held on [DATE] in which we have invited all the mayors of the cities of California and other high officials. They will be with us in this venture to encourage and motivate the ones who are, mostly, discouraged and demotivated by the natural incapacities and societal inhumane attitude. The tournament is going to be held for the encouragement of a physically challenged and developmentally neglected community. 

This tournament will be held between them to explicate the ideology that no one can be incapacitated or disabled by the inactivity of one or more bodily organs. It is nowhere to say that they are disabled but differently abled with special qualities and talent. The golf tournament shall spread this message of awareness to the public by encouraging the physically challenged persons and expressing their potentials to the commonalities. It purports to bring the attention of the majority for the good cause of them who need our support, love, and impartial attitude. This event is held to ask for setting up and incrementing the developmental measures to create a space for them in sports and games.

Your presence shall be highly encouraging and delightful for us. Please do attend the tournament on [DATE] at 10:30 AM at Jolene Golf Stadium, San Francisco. For any query, dial our toll-free helpline [line] or email us at [email].

Please confirm your reservation by responding to the mentioned contact details.


Amy Welfare Organization
Sebastian Tower, Ed Avenue, San Francisco

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