Letter to Vacate Office Premises

Letter 1:

Subject: Office place vacation notice

Dear Manager,

I am Johnson, owner of the building’s premises being used by your company as an office. You are being notified through this letter that you will have to vacate the office within thirty days of receiving this letter.

This letter is being written with reference to the property number V-23-S-65, located in XYZ town, Michigan and I have been recognized as its legal owner as per documentary proofs. You have been running your company affairs using my building premises as your office for the last five years. As per our lease agreement, our contract is going to be ended on the 25th of September, 20XX. I do not want to extend it further and therefore I am giving you thirty days advance notice to vacate the premises.

You are hereby requested to comply with my instructions and vacate my office within the specified time frame. In case of noncompliance, I will be forced to take legal action for which you shall be fully responsible. So please entertain my request.

In my last visit, I noticed some damages to the property including broken doorknobs, windows, and damaged furniture. As per our agreement, you will bear all the expenses in lieu of repairing the property, and therefore, I am deducting USD [amount] from your security deposits as well. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

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Letter 2:

Subject: Vacate the office premises at [X]

Dear Manager,

Through this letter, I am giving you thirty days’ advance notice to vacate the office premises. I, being the legal owner of the property number [number] where you are running your office right now, have full power to ask you to vacate the premises. As per the agreement, we engaged in a contract with each other on [date] which is going to end on [date]. Now, I do not want to extend it further, and therefore, I am informing you well before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience.

You are directed to start taking out your belongings from the premises slowly so that office could be cleared till the deadline after which, it will be locked and no further excuse will be entertained. You are also bound to leave it in good condition and to pay all the charges which will be incurred in lieu of any damage to property or its furniture, which has also been mentioned in the agreement. Before you leave, I want to personally visit the property to check out so please inform me about any feasible date for this purpose. If you want your security deposits or any other overdue amount to be refunded, let me know your account number.

So, you are again requested to follow the instructions as delivered by me. In case of noncompliance, I will be forced to initiate legal action against you. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,


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