Travel Agency Proposal Letter for Client


Re. Proposal Letter of M-K Travelers

Dear Sir/Madam, this letter has been written with the best wishes for your health and work. I intend to serve this draft as a proposal letter for you. M-K Travelers is a travel agency that is operated from Boston, California, and keeps its franchises in many other cities of California and other states. M-K travelers make sure for their customers to travel with utmost ease and luxury while making it friendly economically. We have our customers in the whole USA and Europe. This widespread service is recognized at the international level and is one of the Golden licensed groups of travel agencies.

For a client, getting desired visa and approval can be confusing, tiresome, and troubling. We help our clients to attain the most appropriate visa through the simple process and assist the customer in getting the procedure done within days. We have visa specialists who are experts at resolving visa difficulties and this is what keeps our customers happy.  

We provide our best services of luxurious traveling, healthy and tasty food during traveling, reservation in one of the best resorts or hotels, and providing economic friendly packages for individuals, groups, and companies. We have our happy clients all over the world, especially in the USA. We provide the best consultancy regarding visas, traveling destinations, and destination events. We also organize destination events for weddings, birthdays, honeymoons, and anniversaries.

I also extend this information a little bit broader by telling you about our insurance services. We provide insurances encompassing sudden cancellation, loss of luggage, medical or health emergencies, and any kind of damage during traveling. We provide on-time services if someone wants to extend the tour and assist them in staying or traveling further.

Our traveling agency is designed to provide ease and comfort to clients and customers. Most of our clients are repeated clients or referrals that already have experienced and entertained themselves with our professional and luxurious services.

I would like you to participate in any of our tours and spare some moments to speak with us about your traveling interests. I am thankful to you for sparing time to read and consider our proposal. For more please contact our business marketing manager, Mr. Paul, through [X] or call at +[X].


Meghan Haul
The Assistant Manager
Head Office, M-K Travelers
C-29 Green Hill, Boston

Size: 24 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Re. A Comprehensive Proposal of HiSky Traveling Agency Outlined for KHK Groups

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is purported to attend your business and interest in our traveling agency and services akin. HiSky Traveling Agency has been twining in the world of traveling business since 20XX. In March 20XX, we have completed ten years of premium quality, luxurious services, and dealt with thousands of happy customers/clients. Our clients are from all over America as we are located near a town called Neve in Nebraska.

We have four branch offices located in the major cities of Nebraska and one head office in Omaha. We provide visa services and tourist services. In visa services we assist our clients in applying for a visa, support them in every step of the procedure, and help them until they get the final approval from the Federal government. We deal in both national and international tours that include traveling, food, accommodation, and three golden tickets.

We have established contacts with other traveling agencies all over the world and work with their coordination in the other parts of the world. We provide budget-friendly packages for family and business tours of the employees. As per our knowledge, your organization wants to sit with employees’ tour package. We have different packages in different economies aka in all the packages quality and comfort of the travelers has been prioritized.

We are recognized for professional staff, innovative ideas, and special package plans. We request you to inform us at your earliest convenience to have a meeting. You can also make an appointment for traveling and tour consultancy any time through [EMAIL] or call at +[X].

Thank you for reviewing us.


Monica Star
The Manager
HiSky Traveling Agency
Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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