Request to Transfer Funds before Closing Account


Subject: Funds transfer request

Dear Manager,

I hope you will be doing well these days. My name is Gilchrist, working in [XYZ] company as assistant accounts officer for the last five years. I have been receiving my salary in the account titled as [ABC] in your bank. But now, due to unavoidable circumstances, I am writing this letter to inform you about the transfer of funds present in my account to the other one because I am going to close my account in your bank and opening it in [ABC] bank.

The reason behind this request is that my company office is being shifted to the state of Michigan which is far away from here. It is not possible for me to carry on with the same bank account. Also, for some queries, I usually need to appear physically in the bank which will not be feasible for me due to shifting my workplace to a distant state. 

Yesterday, I examined my cashbook and came to know that an amount of $[X] is present in my account at your bank. Since I am shifting to another state therefore, I want you to transfer the above-mentioned amount to my new account before closing this one. My new account particulars are mentioned below:

Account title                           ——————————
Account number                   ——————————
Bank branch name and city    ——————————

Keeping in view the situation, I request you to process my request at your earliest and transfer the amount in my new account of the above-mentioned particulars so that I would be able to withdraw it on reaching my new destination. Your favor will highly be appreciated in this regard and I thank you in anticipation for this act.

Yours sincerely,


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Subject: Transfer of funds to new account

Dear Manager,

My name is Joseph, and I am working as an assistant accounts officer in [ABC] pharmaceuticals. I am also an account holder of your bank for the last five years. Through this letter, I want to submit to you my formal request for the transfer of my funds in my newly opened account in another bank named [XYZ], Michigan branch. I have been receiving my salary through this account.

No doubt, the staff in your bank is very cooperative and puts all the efforts to create comfort for the customers. Upon visiting your bank in past, every time I enjoyed the friendly attitude of your staff. But now, for certain reasons, I am shifting with my family to the state of Michigan and it is not possible for me to continue this account because I usually visit the bank for a balance and other banking related queries. Therefore, I have opened a new account in the Michigan branch of [XYZ] bank, and the particulars of this account are as follows.

Account number                    ——————-
Account title                           ——————-
Bank name with branch      ——————-

My account statement of last month is indicating that there is an amount of US $[X] in my account right now. Considering my situation, I need to close my account with your bank and before closing this account, I hereby forward my formal request to transfer all the present amount of my account to the new one, particulars of which have been mentioned above.

With this request, I hope that you will process my request at your earliest and transfer the requested amount to my new account to facilitate me. I am thanking you in anticipation for this favor.

Yours sincerely,


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