Apology Letter for Spreading Disease

We might be having some disease without even knowing it. Sometimes we delay seeing the doctor or we have no idea that we are suffering from some illness. In such a situation, when we find that we are suffering an ailment, the first thing we should do is to inform our close ones so that they can maintain a necessary distance from us. We should also apologize for our unawareness due to which we have put them at risk of contracting the same disease.


I am writing to express my immense regret over the unfortunate transmission of COVID by me in the office. In my defense, I had no idea that I was infected when I came to the office on [date]. I had no symptoms whatsoever and I was following all the preventive measures announced by NCOC.

I have been told that ten people were infected out of the fifteen who attended the meeting with me. I want to apologize to all of them for the trouble and inconvenience caused and I want to wish them good health and speedy recovery.

I understand what a painful and grueling time they had to undergo due to this disease and I am really embarrassed that I was the source of their pain. I want to assure you and all my colleagues that if I had any idea that I was infected, I would have duly informed the office and taken the day off.

Looking forward to your understanding and forgiveness.


We want to express our deepest regret and sincere apology to all our customers for the unfortunate incident that took place on [date] at our restaurant [name]. Many food poisoning cases were reported to us by our dear customers on [date]. When we looked into the matter the meat used in the food that evening was found to be past its expiry date and that was the cause of this dreadful incident.

We have placed several checks and balances in place to avoid such incidents but due to the negligence of a staff member, we were put in this embarrassing situation. Rest assured that we have dealt with the person responsible in the strictest manner and changed the SOP to ensure that such an incident is never repeated.

We fully realize the extent of damage caused by this incident and we are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience and distress caused by this horrible incident but we want to assure all our patrons that food quality and safety are our utmost priority and such negligence would never be allowed again.

Looking forward to your forgiveness and continued support.


I had a very good time with you over coffee and reading our favorite novel together. I was feeling some weird marks on my face and skin that day. Later, when I went to the doctor, I found out that I was infected with [disease name].

I learned from my doctor that it is a contagious disease that can be transmitted easily to anyone in close contact. After knowing this, the first person who came to my mind was you. I am very sorry to inform you about this contagious disease and I feel very embarrassed also. But if I would have been aware of my health conditions before, I would have never met you.

I would advise you to see the doctor as soon as possible and try to get the necessary tests to know if you have contracted the same disease. I am ready to pay for your tests and the medication as well. I will wait to hear from you soon so that I can share my doctor’s advice with you as well.

Meeting you has always been a pleasure. I hope this incident will not become an obstacle in our relationship. Your health and safety mean a lot to me. I have been very worried about you lately. Please contact me soon and let me know how you feel.


[Your Name]


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