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Advice Letter about Choosing a Career 0

Advice Letter about Choosing a Career

The man is a social animal and he needs to adopt some profession to live in this society. In a today’s world, every profession seems to be charming. Especially, when we see professionally successful persons but every glitter is not gold. The correct choice of carrier decides one’s future. Therefore, it is a very tricky thing to make a good choice according to one’s capabilities for choosing a profession. However,...

Letter giving advice to subordinates to resolve a conflict or issue 0

Letter Giving Advice to Subordinates to Resolve a Conflict or Issue

It is natural for conflicts to arise where people of different mindsets and ideas work together. In businesses, many times the employees do not have a consensus of ideas while they work together on a project etc. In such a situation it is the responsibility of seniors to advise their subordinates on how to resolve their mutual conflicts. Businesses require teamwork but a team working together is not enough. It...