Advice Letter about Choosing a Career

The man is a social animal and he needs to adopt some profession to live in this society. In a today’s world, every profession seems to be charming. Especially, when we see professionally successful persons but every glitter is not gold. The correct choice of carrier decides one’s future. Therefore, it is a very tricky thing to make a good choice according to one’s capabilities for choosing a profession. However, this is not possible without the proper guidance of our elders because they had been through ups and downs of life. Our elders also know the scope of profession keeping in view our capabilities and attitude.

The best idea to choose some career is to ask from the professionals who are already in the same profession. They can guide you because they exactly know the pros and cons of the profession. In the view above, it is, therefore, the best option to write a letter to your relative or any person you already know to ask guidance about particular career choosing.

Advice Letter about Choosing a Career

Charlie Taylor
Block 32B, Race Course Avenue, Florida.

14th January 2016

Mr. Edward Taylor
Superior College
34 St. Fleet Enclaves, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are good at your health and enjoying your vacation after hard studies. I am writing my recommendation about choosing your carrier i.e. medical or computer related field. I am not only your elder brother but I also had been your teacher for three years and I know your curricular background as well as your general attitude. Therefore, I will try my level best to guide you as per my knowledge and experience.

In my opinion, you are a genius in computer programming and troubleshooting of hardware related issues. This is also your hobby to spend your extra time with your computer. Moreover, you have an equal interest in computer languages and learning new applications. By saying this, I do not mean to say that you are not good at biological studies but you are lean towards computer field. The scope of software engineering is also very high Therefore, I would recommend you to join software engineering instead of the medical field to flourish in future.

Looking forward to your own best decision.


Charlie Taylor


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Advice Letter about Choosing a CareerAdvice Letter about Choosing a Career

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