Complaint Letter to Post Office

We send and receive letters through a post office. It gave us the ease of sending and receiving important documents in lesser time. They are located in all cities. A little postage box is hung in front of the post office. The people insert letters in the box. The post peon then collects and sends to the postal head office. The letters are separated regarding their destination and then they are sent to required places. Sending letters through the post office is also money-saving.

The work of the post office needs much attention that the letters are sent to correct destinations. Some letters are much important and secret also. In this case, the management needs to be much careful. The system should be maintained properly. Often, it is seen that wrong letters are delivered. It creates much trouble for the sender. The sender must complain to the post office and demand the correction.


I am writing to register a complaint against the extremely slow delivery of mail. I had sent some important documents to Mr. [name] at [address] through your urgent mail service on [date], which was supposed to deliver mail in 24 hours. However, the mail was delivered after a lapse of 72 hours. The un-explained delay put me in an extremely awkward position with my client and your local branch manager failed to give me a cogent reason or a definite time of delivery throughout my interaction with him.  

While I had to make alternative arrangements for timely delivery of my mail in view of the delay in your service, the unprofessional handling of my mail by your staff has made me review my longstanding reliance on your mail delivery service.
I request you to inquire into the delay and it is only appropriate that I may reimburse the cost incurred for the service, which ultimately could not materialize.

Looking forward to an urgent response.


I want to register my complaint regarding the loss of my package. I sent a parcel to [city name] on [date]. It was expected to reach the destination by [date] but now a month has passed after the expected delivery date, and it has still not been received.

This is highly unprofessional and very disappointing. That package contained my nephew’s birthday gift and now his birthday has passed, and the gift still has not reached him. His disappointment was very heartbreaking and hurtful for me. Despite clear instructions for the speedy delivery and depositing the package on time, such a long delay is not acceptable. I was assured about the timely delivery of the package at the time of depositing it.

I was not expecting such an unprofessional and incompetent service as my earlier experiences have always been good. Please investigate this matter and deliver my package at the earliest possible. Looking forward to better service next time.


Juan Joseph
56 St. Fifth Wall Avenue, New Mexico.

Mr. Luis Cameron
Mexico Post Office
18 St. Golden Cave Avenue, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am hereby to complain about the letters I sent through your post office. I had sent two letters bearing the numbers ER456 and ER457. I had sent these letters on 10th May 20XX. The letters included my registration form for the entry test in two different medical colleges. The entry test date is announced. One test is on 3rd June 20XX and the other one is on 4th June 20XX.

I called both universities yesterday. But both responded that they did not receive any registration letter with my name. I am much surprised and disappointed. Today is 28th May 20XX. Only four days are left in the first test. The universities will never allow me to take the test without the registration form. I am much perplexed.

Please sort this matter out. Any try to locate my registration letters. These tests are all related to my career. I cannot afford to lose the opportunity and waste a whole year.

I am waiting for a quick resolution.


Juan Joseph.


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