Request Letter for Photocopier Machine

Letter 1:

Subject: Request for photocopier machine

Respected sir,

I hope you will be fine and doing well these days. Through this letter, I am requesting you to provide a photocopier machine for the office. You know this fact very well that our business demands frequent communication with our clients which usually takes place through written letters on company letterhead. For record maintenance purposes, these letters need to be photocopied.

Photocopier machine has become an essential part of every office. This is required to get all the important work photocopied so as to be attached in the file for maintaining a good record. I am noticing these days that the absence of this machine in our office is creating hurdles in the smooth functioning of employees’ work.

No doubt, there is a market opposite to the office but most of the employees have to go there in order to get their work and important letters photocopied. At certain times, we need to submit the work within a specified deadline but due to a long queue in the photocopy shop, it takes too long. This practice is not suitable for two reasons: First, it irritates the employees when they have to visit the market again and again, and secondly, the company has to pay a huge amount in lieu of photocopy expenses.

The provision of a photocopier machine is not only helpful for maintaining a healthy working environment in the office but also it ensures a hassle free and productive work. It will save money as well as time. So, keeping in view all the above-mentioned circumstances, I hope you will give due consideration to my request and provide the required machine to the office as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours affectionately,

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Letter 2:

Subject: Urgent request of photocopier machine

Respected sir,

I am writing you this letter as a request to provide a photocopier machine to the office. I usually send emails to all the clients but sometimes, it happens when I have to use the company letter pad for communication purposes and the written communication needs to be photocopied. As we don’t have this machine in our office so, I have to send somebody to the market in order to get the required documents photocopied. What I think is that this practice seems harmful for the smooth functioning of the office because sometimes, it takes too long to get the required documents copied during the rush hours.

In addition, you know this thing very well that owing to the nature of our work we rely heavily on written communication through company letter pads. To avoid inconvenience, I always get all the documents photocopied from the market. As the volume of our work has increased manifolds for the last six months, therefore, we have started relying heavily on the photocopier machine. So, it has become a dire need to purchase one for the office to maintain a productive and hassle-free work.

I request you once again to entertain my request and provide us with a photocopier machine so that we would easily get our work photocopied without wasting a lot of time and money. In this way, we would also be able to provide our best services to the company. I say you thank in anticipation.

Yours affectionately,

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