Warning to Employee for Poor Dressing and Conduct

Sample -1

Subject: Warning to employee for poor dressing and conduct

Dear Roger,

I am writing you this letter after receiving a bulk of complaints against you by your manager. He told me that you do not follow the dress code as has been prescribed by officials. In addition, you have also been accused of bad conduct with your colleagues. Being a senior employee of this company, I was not expecting this kind of unprofessionalism from your side at least. Instead of growing yourself morally, your graph of morality and cleanliness is declining day by day as reported by your manager.

I would suggest you refer to the company rules and regulations booklet once again. It is clearly stated over there that any kind of misconduct and poor dressing issues will be dealt with strictly.

To maintain a healthy environment, we put a lot of stress on cleanliness, and to reflect a professional environment of the office, we urge our employees to remain within the boundaries of good conduct with their colleagues. But you, I regret to say, have failed to achieve that standard of quality which is required to be a professional employee. It affects in a bad way not only the company’s worth but your own performance also.

Considering your position, we are only issuing you the warning letter and being put under observation. However, if you fail to portray yourself positively and do not refrain yourself from such violations, strict disciplinary action will be initiated against you which may be in form of salary deduction, demotion, or even suspension. You are suggested to take this warning letter seriously because rewarding three warning letters can lead towards the termination of any employee based on the severity of the matter.

We hope that you will change yourself in a positive way and develop yourself professionally as well as morally. A booklet of ‘company disciplinary act’ is also being dispatched for you to read carefully.

Yours sincerely,


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 Sample -2

Subject: Warning to employee for poor dressing and conduct

Dear Jackson,

You are directed to consider as a formal warning letter being issued to you as a response of a complaint against you by your supervisor who told in his last meeting with me that you are not complying with the company instructions regarding proper dress code. Additionally, he also complained to me about your bad behavior with colleagues. I have been compelled to write to you like this because he has warned you a lot of times verbally but all in vain.

Mr. Jackson, good behavior with fellows and proper dressing are signs of professional employees. Professionalism is something which I regret to say, found rarely around us. A fewer number of employees have been bestowed with this trait.

The proper and clean dressing is a reflection of your professionalism in one way. It also reflects how clean is your personality is. On the other hand, good and polite behavior is an indication of morality. Surely, an employee should be rich in terms of good behavior coupled with a nice personality but sorry to say that both these traits are negligible in your case which is harmful both for the company and yourself.

You have been issued this warning letter only because you are new to this organization and I do not want to finish your career with our organization. Further, bring a positive change in your behavior so as to give others a good signal.

Yours sincerely,

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