Warning Letter for Not Following Job Description

The irresponsible professional attitude of employees can not only put them in hot water but the entire reputation of the company as well. Individuals are hired with expectations that they will carry out the job requirements according to the company standards.

Sometimes the nature of a job is complicated, hence performing as per the protocols is crucial. The pursuit of success is not only the final result of a job/project but also lies in the execution of it.

However, many times employees pay no heed to the job description focusing on the major keywords only. They assume the job description is not significant enough and they can lead the project without understanding it properly. Consequently, this results in a bad failure and they end up either losing their job or endanger it in the risk zone and put the integrity of the organization in danger.

To avoid such unpleasant mishaps, employers must counsel their workers beforehand to be careful about the matter. In an unfortunate event, if such a thing takes place, you, as an employer, must address the issue before it becomes a grave problem for your company. Even if you are not an employer but in a relevant position to monitor your subordinates, you may have to confront the situation.

Adhering to the decorum even in the times of crisis will only suggest your professionalism. Writing a warning letter for not following the job description is the best instance of it.

While drafting a warning letter, write to your employee how he/she disregarded the sanctity of the job by turning a deaf ear to the details. Owing to this negligence, the project is severely flawed, and the client has complained.

Penalize the employee as per the company policy and warn him not to repeat the mistake or else he/she shall be terminated.

Make sure the tone of your letter is to the point, a little intimidating but not rude. Also, the content should be factual rather than objective.

Following is a sample of warning letters for not following the job description for you to get an idea.

Sample Letter

Dear Jeremy,

It has been brought to my attention that you have messed up the job that was assigned to you by your project head-on account of not following the job description.

Your negligence has cost the company a huge deal of reputation and because of it, the company’s integrity is at stake now. Instead of understanding the job details fully before plunging for a method to execute it, you ignored to even look at the specifications provided by the client.

Had you consulted your project manager or any relevant senior, the company would not have to be embarrassed seeing this day.

It is intimated to you that this careless action of yours will be brought to accountability by the board and you shall be penalized according to company policies.

You are also warned to not repeat the mistake or else you will be terminated without notice.


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