Termination Letter for No Call No Show

A termination letter for no call no show is written to an employee when he fails to notify the employer of his/her unforeseen absence, it is usually termed as no call no show offense. The employer pens down the reasons and summarizes the details necessary to know for the dismissed worker.


As it must be obvious from the title of the letter that you are terminated from your post [Mention Designation] from our company [Mention Name] effective from right today. We have been working together for over a decade from now and never have we ever had to face this kind of a hostile situation in the history of our company.  

You were supposed to submit your project by {Mention Date} but out of a sudden, you just vanished from sight. No one knew your whereabouts in this span despite all the efforts we made to reach out.

The company tried to reach you through your contact number mentioned in your contract letter, but it was constantly switched off for days. Even after you switched it on, there was no contact made from your side. Neither you tried to appear in the company to explain this scenario.

Keeping in view this unforgettable and unbearable attitude, the disciplinary committee decided to expel you. Although we tried hard to make some space possible due to the precious years you gave to the company but unfortunately, you didn’t leave us with another option by being this much irresponsible.

A company/organization can withstand anything but an unprofessional attitude once and for all. Your remaining dues will be transferred to your account or you can collect them personally from the office. You won’t be considered a part of the job anymore.


Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



This letter serves you as a termination letter from your post [Mention Designation] from our company [Mention Name] effective from right today [Mention Date]. You were always appreciated for your hard work and the company used to express it in one form or the other by bestowing you with different benefits.

But it is assumed that all those efforts on our behalf as a company went in vain. You are showing unprofessional behavior that has become unendurable now. Your uninformed absence from the office for over a week has already been considered equal to resignation.

The company had to go through many problems because of you. Other employees had to complete the tasks assigned to meet the deadline. This is not and should not be the way to serve an international firm. We can even sue you for this negligence and the loss company had to suffer from.

But we opt to show you mercy in return for the years you have spent in the service of our organization. You owe us a thorough explanation despite the fact that you are no more a part of the company. You will only be given the dues if you succeed to provide us with some valid reason for this unprofessional attitude.


Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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