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Your reference letter for your friend could prove a great deal of help to him in order to get approval for a job, get into a training program, initiate a business partnership, etc. While writing a reference letter, be sure that a reference letter is not merely a paragraph of a few lines requesting the person to consider your friend because he’s your friend. That’s, of course, insane since he is your friend, not his. He would want reasons to consider your friend’s proposal.

Letters written with this strategy will not make any positive effect rather they increase the possibility of rejection. With your improper reference letter for your friend, you can take revenge for an old grudge if you ever want to but please don’t be that unkind. Look at this sample of a reference letter for a friend.


I write this letter to you to refer a friend of mine for a vacancy of [Job Description] published by our company. Mr./Ms. [Name of applicant] is a graduate of [Discipline] from [Name of Institution], where we were class fellows. He/she was an excellent student who not only excelled in academics but also remained an avid participator in extra-curricular activities.

He/she is currently employed in [name of company] in Karachi, as [job description] since [number of years]. He/she has worked on a number of important projects, including [name of the project(s)], and has developed expertise in [name of field].

Not only is he/she a thorough professional, but also has been an avid volunteer participant in the company’s social endeavors including flood relief operations in [name of place]. While he/she is quite content with his/her current workplace, it is quite far from his/her native city of Lahore, due to which he/she is interested in relocating.

He/she has been looking for a reputable company that can help him/her actualize professional ambitions, in addition to giving him/her an opportunity to work near home. I assure you that Mr./Ms. will be an excellent addition to our team and will prove to be an asset to our organization. I am enclosing a copy of his/her C.V. with this letter, which he/she has already forwarded along with his/her job application.

Looking forward to a favorable consideration.


I [title] [name] have been working in [department name] for the last [number] of years. I have come to know about an opening in [department name] and want to recommend a friend for this post. Ms. [name] was in my class fellow in [college name]. We did our [degree name] together.

She was a brilliant student and a very good debater. She won many prizes in inter-college debating competitions. Her final year project was [name] for which she was awarded a Gold Medal.

She worked in [company name] from [date to date]. However, due to some personal reasons, she took a break and didn’t join the workforce for [number of years]. Now she wants to start working again and I would like to recommend her for the post of [designation].

This recommendation is not due to our friendship but because she is a very hardworking and dedicated person who given the chance, would prove herself to be an asset to our company. She is an excellent team worker and gets along very nicely with people of different temperaments.

Her biggest strength is her intelligence and her thoroughness. Her attention to detail and perfectionist approach would be very suitable for the post of [designation]. I am attaching her CV and Cover letter. Looking forward to your kind consideration.

Letter -3

To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am working at [enter organization] as [enter title]. I’m writing to you regarding Mr. [friend’s name]. He’s my very good friend and it’s been [enter years] since we knew each other. Apart from having a good character he has a competitive nature and always accepts new challenges. He is particularly good at [enter details] and has a successful background as [enter title].

With all these details, I would like you to consider this reference letter for my friend Mr. [friend’s name]. I am sure you’ll not regret your decision. Thank you!


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