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It will be very pleasing news for you that Mr. Steward is joining our company on 5th April. He is posted as managing director in the technology department. If anyone finds a different face on the said date, notify him that you are all immensely happy upon his joining here.

In the start MR. Steward will work with the contraption team. If anyone amongst you is in this team then please greet him by considering it your duty. In his honor, the company has organized a dinner where you are invited. Some senior employees of the company along with Miss Jenny will accompany him to lunch where they will have small talk on business matters. The lunch date will probably be on 10th April.

He has remained part of two powerhouse companies for about fifteen years, so he is a very experienced and talented guy. He can bring sound knowledge about the documentation of the product. Anyone amongst you who is familiar with ABC software might surely have gone through many of his books.

He has gotten his education from Brooklyn University with major subjects’ mass communication and financial technology. Many new employees from our company also hold the same degree so will see a lot equivalently. He uses to write fiction in his free time and enlists with other institutions that care for old people. Moreover, he is also looking forward to enlisting in his new clique where he will take exhortations about good places and everything.

Last but not the least, on 10th April a reception will be scheduled in the main hall on the 2nd floor. Along with Steward, there will be four other new employees that will start their new journey here. It will be a matter of pleasure for me if you join me in the main hall to welcome Steward. Thank you.


Edward John

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Dear staff members,

Hello everyone. Let’s accompany me in welcoming Mr. John to our company. He has accepted a job offer that our company has given to him and now he will join us as a new teammate on 22nd February. He has appointed the director for the post-marketing assurance. We are hopeful that he will pave more way to success with his superb efforts.

He has the experience of working in the concerned department since his college days in Amsterdam. He used to put great effort and hard work into each role assigned to him. It is a matter of great pleasure that he is joining us. He has also worked in Infosys Company for about ten years but that company offers different kinds of work. Instead of all this, he will have no problem adjusting to our company as he has done a brilliant job in the past. He has acquired his degree in management sciences from Amsterdam University. He is also an expert in many other methodologies. He has worked on many projects in the previous company.

In his spare time, John loves to read books and gives classes to disable children at ABC Academy. His main aim is to serve mankind selflessly. He has also traveled to many countries across the world and writes all his experiences. John’s office will be on the 3rd floor opposite to entrance hall. He will be briefed about the kind of work that he is supposed to do and Mr. Ralph will provide him account details of it. The lunch will be organized for Mr. John where you all are cordially invited. I hope that you will welcome him warmly and will assist him in every possible way. Thank you.


Martin Kelin

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