Warning Letter for not Following Job Description

Sample Letter -1

Subject: Warning letter for not following the job description

Dear Justin,

It is not the first time when I received a complaint about you that you did not follow your job description. Your manager had complained to me a lot of times about your unprofessional behavior before. You know this fact very well that we are a sales company and you are working as a liaison officer here. This is clearly mentioned in your job description that it is your foremost duty to act as a bridge between the company and its potential clients. But last week, when you were directed to send all the clients an email, informing them about new rates of various products owing to several reasons, it was revealed that you were failed to inform them all due to which company had to face losses.

As reflected by you, it has been clearly indicated that you have not only tried to worsen our bonds with our potential clients but also failed to follow your job descriptions which were provided to you at the time of signing the contract with us. In business terms, this is called as sheer negligence and you have been accused of it. No company can bear such kind of behavior from its employees. You are a young, energetic guy then why don’t you show responsibility and attachment to your work?

For the next time, this kind of attitude will not be acceptable at all but for this time, I am issuing you a warning letter considering the fact that you are at the start of your career and can improve yourself. But at the same time, I want to make it clear that further violation of your job description can cause serious problems for you.

Yours sincerely,

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Sample Letter -2

Subject: Noncompliance of following the job description

Dear Kerry,

You are receiving this warning letter because yesterday, higher management was informed about your negligence in terms of not following the job description through a letter by your manager. It was told by him that you do not follow the specific procedures developed in order to completion of each task. You go in your own way rather. Mr. Kerry! putting the company policies aside and developing your own ones is not considered as a good practice at all. Every employee is bound to follow the specific instructions provided by the company.

In order to make us better understand their job duties, we have developed our own procedures for each function which has to be performed within the office. The same has also been provided to each employee in the form of the job description and these are meant to be followed by all means. Your continuous negligence and noncompliance show that you are challenging our superiority by not following your job description which is not acceptable at this level.

You are having a good record with us and have put your efforts in the progress of this company but your approach seems somewhat negative. We advise you to make improvements in yourself and warn you at the same time for showing such negligence.

Yours sincerely,

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