Advance Salary Request Message to Boss


Respected sir, I, (name), (designation) at [X] organization am writing this to request you to please pay me the advance salary for the month of [X]. As you know that I am shifting my apartment this month and that is why I am running short of money and I need to buy a few necessities for the new apartment. I am an employee in this company for the last 3 years and never asked you for such a favor, but I am in dire need of money in this situation. Please consider my request. I shall never forget your supportive attitude.


Respected madam, this is a formal request for the salary of the month [NAME] and I would like to repay this advance within 12 months. I require this money for my sister’s wedding. This wedding ceremony is urgent, and all the events took place suddenly that is why I couldn’t arrange the money earlier. My sister is the only daughter of our parents and I want to make her wedding ceremony a special one.

I hope my request will be entertained so I and my family can cherish the moments of being with our loved ones. I will be very thankful to you in this regard.


Respected sir, I am (name), (designation) of the company. I have been working in this organization for the last 6 years, but I am writing this to you for the first time to request you to please pay me the advance salary for the next month as I am in very urgent need of the payment of hospitals bills of my mother who is suffering from severe health issues and has been admitted in the hospital for last 15 days.

I am in a very critical condition as there is no other source to get money. I hope you will consider my application on a priority basis. Your positive response will be highly appreciated by me. 

Anticipating your reply on an urgent basis.


Respected sir, as you know, our auspicious holy festival is arriving soon, and everyone is waiting impatiently in this regard. I request you to kindly disburse my salary in advance as the Christmas holidays are approaching next week. As you know I am a low-paid worker of the organization and Christmas expenses are very high.

Moreover, it is very difficult to meet the needs of the whole family that is why I humbly request you to grant an advance salary for the month of [X] so I and my family could enjoy this holy festival with great pleasure.

I request you to please approve my advance as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you for this kindness.


Respected sir, I am writing this to ask you for an advance salary and I’m very hopeful that you will consider it. Two days prior my car was hit by a truck and was battered badly. After talking to the workshop owner in detail he told me that it was better to buy a new car instead of using this one because its condition was bad. Some of the bills were covered by insurance but I thought I should take a new car as it’s a necessity for me. I had some money in my savings, but I was short on some amount.

If you will consider my request, I shall be very grateful because I don’t have any other source from where I could get cash immediately. So, I’ve turned to you and I hope you will help me. Thank you so much for your cooperation in advance.

Advance salary request message to boss


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