Complaint Letter for Trespassing

The man is a social animal and lives in a community. Community demands set of laws to live a peaceful life. In this community, a house is a secure place where we live our private life and respect the rights of our neighbors. In the same way, we also expect our neighbors to show general courtesy to avoid trespass in our boundary. In other words, nobody likes to disturb his privacy by others beyond the allowable limit. There may be any reason but the act of trespassing always disturbs you and makes you feel uncomfortable on its repetition. The simple headway to stop anyone is to directly inform him your consensus and warn him on the spot. Moreover, “No Trespassing” signs boards can be placed in various places. If the problem persists then help from the police department can be solicited as a last option.

Complaint Letter for Trespassing

Mario M. Jeffrey
24 Renton St. Sky Top Avenue, New York.

June 21st, 2017

Mr. Charlie Mc. Abraham.
24 Renton St. Sky Top Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are enjoying your life. I have a complaint about you and your family for compromising my house boundaries. In this regard, I have already informed you verbally last week but the problem persists. Your son came to my lawn yesterday along with his dog while I was watering the grass and messed up all the tiles of my lawn through his muddy feet. It took me one hour to wash the tiles. Meanwhile, your pet dog dragged the washed clothes hanging in the backyard of the house and made them dirty again. Furthermore, your daughter is placing fences on the main entrance which is a part of my property. I have placed “No Trespassing” sign boards in various locations to indicate my boundary. It is getting harder day by day to make your family understand my views against trespassing. Therefore, I am requesting you to respect my boundary to have a lively neighborhood. Otherwise, you would compel me to inform police about trespassing.

Looking forward to your kind response.


Mario M. Jeffrey.


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Complaint Letter for Trespassing
Complaint Letter for Trespassing

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