Email to Reschedule an Event


16 January 20XX
Russell Elf
Manager XYZ Organization
Valley Stream, 000

Hello Russell, I am Alexander Melon the manager of XYZ Company. My secretary just told me yesterday that I have a meeting with you regarding our upcoming projects on the 22nd of this month. I am so sorry to inform you that I would not be available that day for a meeting because I have to go on tour with my family. It was a sudden plan of my family and for me, they are the foremost priority so I could not resist.

I hope that you will understand the situation. As soon as I come back from the tour, I will inform you to reschedule the meeting. I will send you all my plans regarding changing the meeting and what we have to discuss in our meeting, via email. If you have any new ideas and plans you can write them down and we can go through them. I hope that I will come back in the next ten or twelve days and after coming to the first thing that I would do is to inform you. Anything which you want to ask from me you can contact me on this number [X]. See you soon!


Alexander Melon

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17 February 20XX

John Snow
Manager of ABC Organization
New York, 678

Dear Mr. Snow,

I hope you would be fine. I am writing this email to draw your attention to the meeting that we had on the 25th of this month but due to some unfavorable circumstances, we have to cancel it as soon as possible. As you know that the weather condition in New York is very stormy. I had checked from the weather update that on the 25th of this month the atmosphere would not be suitable for meeting as there would be snowfall and storm that day. So, it would be very difficult for all of us to come there.

I hope that you will not mind it at all. We have to see the convenience of our employees as well. Once the weather gets normal, we will reschedule the date of the meeting and we have to come this time for more plans and ideas. Most probably the 2nd of the coming month would be suitable for this. If you have any queries, you can contact me on my phone number or you can send me an email. I would remain available 24/7. I hope that you will agree with what I have told you. Waiting for a good response from your side!


Macduff Elif

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