Apology Letter for Prank

We all are very fond of playing pranks with our friends, colleagues, and relatives. But sometimes, our pranks can go the other way around, and rather than creating humor, they can become a cause to hurt people. Such an apology should show how much we regret the prank we have done.

By writing an apology letter, we try to show people that we care for them and our actions were unintentional. Our apology letter should include a statement that shows how much we regret it. Secondly, we should take complete responsibility for our actions. And finally, a remedy to the situation is very important.

Forget the fact whoever was right or wrong, the apology should state that the other person’s feelings have been hurt. Accepting complete responsibility is very important; never blame the other person for your actions in the apology. Do not justify your actions.


dearest Headmistress,

I am writing to you to tell you how sorry I am for the incident that took place on [dd/mm/yyyy], [day], and to express my immense regret. A few of my classmates decided to play a silly prank and talked me into their prank. They told me it is just for a good laugh and nothing could possibly go wrong. We did not realize that it would go this far and that this much damage would be caused.

That morning we bought our water guns for school and during the art period, we filled them with acrylic paints. I am sorry to say that I was the one who came up with the idea of filling the water guns with dark colors so that the effect would be more prominent.

At recess time all the teachers were having their lunch either in the staffroom or outside, so we decided to use our paint-filled water guns during this time. We sprayed our classroom with paint guns and spilled the leftover paint on the floor. We put our water guns away in the cupboard where the teachers kept their files. We thought we could get away with it easily, and that nobody would notice that, rather than spending recess with our class fellows outside, we were damaging school property.

However, we were proved wrong when the class monitor came back to the class as he had forgotten his water bottle and had come to take it, and he saw everything. He reported us to the teachers, who were extremely mad at our misdemeanor, and we were told off strictly.

Throughout the day we got many livid looks from our class fellows as their bags were covered in the paint and their books were drenched. We are humiliated and hope that you can forgive us, though we realize that the damage caused by our folly cannot be repaired just by apologizing.

I and my class fellows are ready to clean up the mess we made and we realize that our act of idiocy has harmed school property. I speak for all my companions when I say that this sort of offensive behavior will not be repeated, and I assure you that we will be on our best behavior from now onwards.

I now realize that this was very thoughtless of us and I offer my sincerest apologies to you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.


Dearest Mrs. [name],

I am writing this letter to apologize for my unruliness.

I realize that in a community all residents should respect each other and I recognize that I made a mistake when I let your parrot out of his cage when you were on vacation and were not home.

It was a foolish dare that caused this trouble. I was playing with my friends when it started to rain and we found ourselves in the middle of a hailstorm. Due to these boulder-sized hailstones, we were forced to go indoors, where we decided to play truth or dare. When it was my turn, I chose to dare, and my friends decided to give me the dare to go and let my parrot out of his cage and bring him to my house.

When I told them I couldn’t do that since that would be stealing, they talked me into it by saying that I won’t be alone and that it would not be stealing as we would return the parrot after a few days.

I now realize that this was extremely foolish of me and that I should not have taken your parrot without permission. We went to your lawn and climbed over the wall with the help of a ladder.

I grabbed your beautiful African grey from his cage and put him in a smaller cage that my friends were holding open. We then took it to my house and hid it in my room.

I feel awful now to think that not only did I steal your parrot, I felt proud about achieving what seemed to be a feat. I can promise you one thing though, that he was well cared for. I looked after him as if he was my own pet and looked after him with loads of love. I returned it as soon as I realized my folly and once more please let me say that I cannot express in words my regret. Looking forward to your forgiveness.

Apology Letter for Prank -3

The other day I and my friends were watching this funny movie where we got an idea for doing this prank. You were not with us, so we decided to play this prank on you. We did not realize how much this could have hurt you.

I am sorry to hurt you. I have lost many friends due to my immature behavior. You have been a wonderful friend and it will hurt me further if our friendship dies for such a small reason.

I know saying sorry will not fix things, but I can make sure that it will never happen again. You have been on my mind for days and I want to make myself feel better by apologizing to you. I know you do not deserve to be hurt the way I did, but it was just to create a funny moment in our life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would want to meet you personally so that I can explain myself and you also get a chance to take your grievances out.

Apology Letter for Prank


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